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The influence of money in US politics

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Theinfluence of money in US politics

Moneyhas become a major determinant as to who is elected to differentpositions of public service.

Thesis:It seeks to show that the chances of a person winning an election arehighly influenced by the amount of money they are able to employduring the campaign.

Electionsin the US

Theissue of the influence of money in US politics is a matter thatcontinues to attract a lot of attentions as more and more people cometo the realization of the power that money holds over elections(Gilens, p 62).

Waysmoney gets into politics

Thereare several policies that are used to bring money to the politicalscene. Firstly, money is channelled through interest groups.

Lobbyingis another tool which is highly implemented when outside players aretrying to have a sway on political outcomes.

Politicalaction committees (PACs) is another way that money is introduced intothe political arena.

Anotherpolicy that is implemented by an individual wishing to be involved inthe political process is the revolving door.

Organizationsare another avenue that is widely used to introduce money into thepolitical process in the US.

Lastly,money is introduced into the electoral process of the US throughissue groups or as they are commonly referred 527s.

Thoughmost of these funds are from domestic sources, there is a growingconcern that loopholes in the current system provide an avenue forforeign money to be used in influencing American elections (Gilens, p91).

Reasonsfor pouring money into the electoral system

Thosethat spends millions of dollar sponsoring candidates in differentelections are motivated by several factors. Firstly, the money isused to filter candidates that are considered centrist.

Secondly,the investment is meant to filter any candidate that is considered tobe on the economic left.

Themoney is also used to help change the candidate’s stand ondifferent policies.

Thereare areas where the popularity of both candidates is relativelyequal. To influence the outcome of the election, money is providedfor the candidates to be used on spending on adverts and commercials(Cigler, Burdett and Anthony, p 180).

Anotherreason why the wealthy keeps pouring money into elections is becauseit allows them to buy access to government officials (Mayer, p 124).

Politicalmoney is also used to force candidates to abandon their vision for abetter America and focus on the need of the rich.

Lastly,the elite channel money into the electoral cycle of America so as tohold elected officials hostage, especially when such individuals wantto be re-elected.

Theway forward

Havingestablished the fact that the wealthy few are using their resourcesand financial might to with the aim of influencing the outcome ofAmerica’s democratic processes, it is important to implementpolicies that will ensure that this status changes.

Firstly,legislators need to rise to the occasion and develop policies thatwill allow the authorities to have an oversight role on the sourcesof campaign finances and the basis on which they have been acquired.

Secondly,there is a need for state and federal authorities to ensure thatlegislators have enough help in order to make informed decisions.

(…)it is important to change the mind-set in the society and reduce theneed for money in political campaigns.


Fromthe above discussion, it is evident that money carries a lot ofinfluence over America’s political process.


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