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The Interrelation between Diversity and Constituents of Immigration Policy

TheInterrelation between Diversity and Constituents of ImmigrationPolicy

Themajorityof people acknowledge that the USis the land of opportunities and prosperity and has people ofdifferent culture and diversity. According to a study by Stanford,diversity has narrowed the education gap boosting the economy of thecountry. People become educated, knowledge is liberating and as morepeople become educated the rate of ethnicity and racism is on thedecline leading to an increase in American GDP. Moreover, diversityhas resultedin innovationdue to the integrationof different attitudes, culture,and ideas. Investing in diversity is crucial in attainingextraordinary asset and maintaining the country as an economicpowerhouse globally. Consequentially, this instillshope to many that they can be able to achieve their country’sdream. Diversity regardless of whether urban or rural,has been more than beneficial as a result of the integrationof peopleof various racesin the professional job market.

Diversityis a national asset that is responsible for shaping public policiesand enhancing job opportunities which aidin the eliminationof stagnation. Furthermore, diversity catalyzes academic advancementand cultural awareness due to exposure individuals receive while theylive in a multicultural society. It is a platform where people canlearn and acquire knowledge from individuals having different andunique backgrounds. However, as more and more people migrate toAmerica, it is of essence that they do not become detached from theirlanguage and culture forhomogenized white American culture but preserve their culturalheritage.

Anexcellentcomprehensive immigration policy is one that strengthens the economyof the country and protects the community and its citizens. Moreover,it provides undocumented immigrants with an opportunity to becomelegal citizens. The policy enables immigrants to become Americancitizens. Enforcing the right policy in place assures the American people ofhavinga strongeconomythusreducing the deficit. Having an efficient and comprehensive immigration report is a jointeffort of all stakeholders although it has been an uphill task. Acomprehensive immigrant policy needs to cater for the legalizationof citizens for undocumented immigrants and act as a conduit ofenforcement. The elements of a comprehensive immigration policy thatpromotes appreciation of diversity are:

Itshould have the ability to strengthen borders: hence facilitates the national security and safeguards the societyfrom crime paving the wayand means of solving threats of the state as well as the way ofliving of the citizens of America(Obama).

Thecomprehensive immigration policy ought to be able to deal withemployers who engage undocumented workers: It is illegal to hireundocumented workers knowingly hence an appropriate systemshould be able to ascertain that employees/ immigrants legallyinhabit the country and play by the same rules just like any othercitizen. The policy should be in aposition toverify the requirements for unauthorized employees. Furthermore, itis appropriate if the planpermits anincreasein the number of visas for highly skilled employees.

Anotherelement a comprehensive immigration policy should have is thecapacity to provide foreign business people who intend to commencebusiness with permitsquickly.Asa result, the budget of the nationwill becomehealthyand more robust. Also, it is paramount for the policy to allow thereunion of families and accommodate internationalstudentsonce they are through with their education in the nation.

Innovative: Necessity is the mother of invention,and due to this, an element worth considering is innovation toaccommodate family accommodation. To avoid backlogs of immigrants,the State can produce additionalvisas for immigrants and their families so that they do not commitimmigration-relatedcrimes and violate stipulated laws. Better and modern approach to thesystem would fetch more benefits. For instance, in cases where wehave legalimmigrants who commit a felonyare never given an opportunity to produce evidence of rehabilitationor remorse but are instead deported.

Flexibility:Thepolicy needs to be flexible enough to encourage civilized engagementto the new immigrants so as to make them comprehend theresponsibilities of becoming arealAmerican citizen(Hing).Immigrants need to be prepared mentally and emotionally forthe process of becoming an American and what thelaw expectsof them considering that it is acomplicatedprocedure.

Protectthe living standards and wages of its people: Comprehensive immigrantpolicy should be in a position to safeguard the working conditionsand salariesof vulnerable legal immigrants which should not be undermine/underestimated. The current labor shortage calls for an increase inwages to attract more American workforce.

ImmigrationTime Limit: Legal immigration requires moderation and monitoring toensure that the American population remains stable. There should be alimit to the number of immigrants who enter America each year.Additionally, the policy should not permit extended kind ofreunification between families.Otherwise,it can lead to an influx of immigrants.

Lastly,an element of the comprehensive immigration policy is that it shouldnot permit mass programs or encourage amnestybecausethe primaryobjective of an immigration policy is to enhance the country`ssecurity and advance the interests of its citizens(FAIR).Therefore, allowing amnesty would lead to an increase in illegalimmigration.

Inconclusion, it is evident that diversity has resultedin innovationdue to the integrationof different attitudes, culture,and ideas. Similarly, investing in diversity is crucial in attainingextraordinary asset and maintaining the country as an economicpowerhouse globally. The move instills hope to many that they can beable to achieve their country’s dream. Diversity also plays a vitalrole in shaping public policies and enhancing job opportunities whichaidin the eliminationof stagnation. In relation to diversity, studies show that more andmore people migrate to America. It is of essence that they do notbecome detached from their language and culture forhomogenized white American norms but preserve their culturalheritage. Diversity regardless of whether urban or rural,is beneficial due to the integrationof peopleof various racesin the professional job market


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