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The Moor of Venice Act 2 Scene I &2

TheMoor of Venice Act 2 Scene I &amp2


Inthe Moor of Venice, Act 2 takes place in Cyprus. In the first scene,audiences are informed that a violent storm had occurred at sea, andas a result, the Turkish fleet has been damaged, and they are nolonger a threat. The first ship to arrive is carrying Cassio, and heis followed by Desdemona`s ship. The last ship to arrive is carryingOthello, and there are celebrations in Cyprus. In the second scene,Herald reads to the audience a proclamation that the Turkish are nolonger a threat and it is likely that Cyrus will enjoy some momentsof peace. Herald also announces Othello`s plans and marriage toDesdemona. The main characters in these scenes are Iago, Desdemona,Othello, Roderigo, and Cassio. Their actions contribute to themedevelopment in the play.

InAct 2, Othello plays the role of a loving husband. Immediately afterreturning from war, he expresses his devotion to Desdemona and givesher a kiss as a manifestation of his love. Desdemona, on the otherhand, is the faithful yet ignorant wife. Even with Iago’s ridiculeand diminishing remarks about women, she is contented and laughsalong. It is this character trait that eventually leads to herdownfall because she is unable to differentiate real and fakefriends. Another character of Desdemona is that she is a concernedwoman. Immediately after returning to Cyrus, she is concerned aboutOthello.

Iagois represented as a male chauvinist and an opportunist. He hasplotted to destroy Othello`s marriage at all cost. His motives aredriven by jealousy because he was not promoted. Roderigo, on theother hand, is consumed with lust and even after when it is evidentthat Desdemona is already married to another man, he is stillpersistent and ready to lie and hurt the same person whom he claimsthat he loves. Cassio is the unsuspecting, innocent friend toOthello. Iago, Desdemona, Othello, Roderigo, and Cassio’s charactercontribute to the general theme of tragedy in the play. The settingof the play would be near a sea shore in Cyprus, and generally, therewould be a joyful mood. The setting is important because it helps theaudience interpret and analyze the play characters. Settingsestablish the mood, atmosphere, and scenes in the play.


Act2 scene 1&amp2 promotes the development of themes such as tragedy,dishonesty among friends and plight of women in a male-dominatedsociety. The main characters Iago, Desdemona, Othello, Roderigo, andCassio facilitate theme development in the play. Additionally, thesetting is important in establishing the mood, atmosphere, and scenesin the play.