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The Primary Types of Information Technology Infrastructure Author`s

ThePrimary Types of Information Technology Infrastructure


ThePrimary Types of Information Technology Infrastructure

InformationTechnology infrastructure refers to a collection of software,hardware data centres, and network facilities used to run, monitor,test, develop and support all services connected to InformationTechnology (Behaviorand Information Technology, 2012).The infrastructure of a particular company should always becontrolled to provide efficient and better services and have improvedproductivity. Since it is a broad topic, it is subdivided into threeprimary types namely software, hardware, and network facilities.

Networkservices refer to Internet infrastructure Technology which includesall media used in the transmission of information for examplesatellites, network cables, routers, repeaters, aggregators and anyother input that is associated with the communication path. All thesedevices are used to support other software systems. It has made iteasy to create interactions through messaging, forums and socialnetworking globally. For one to access the Internet, Internet serviceproviders must establish the required connectivity between individualnetworks at various levels. A routing hierarchy is involved in thedistribution of the system. The tier 1 network is the first in thehierarchy, and it includes big communication companies which exchangetraffic amongst each other. Tier 2 holds the second position wherelow-level networks purchase the internet from larger parties anddistribute it to minor parties (Hatayamaand Kawano, 2013).Examples of large systems include Geant, internet 2 and NationalResearch and Education Network.

Hardwarefacilities in Information Technology Infrastructure refer to thephysical aspect of devices used in the conveyance of information orstorage of data. Such devices include the motherboard, power supply,video display controller, internal storage devices and networkingequipment. They are divided into two broad categories namely theinput and the output devices. The motherboard is the mainframe of acomputer which holds all the interior components of it, for example,the computer fan usually attached to the CPU, firmware, andPeripheral Component Interconnect. The power supply provides power tothe rest of the network. Examples of power supplies include amechanic shed, ATX and micro ATX (Waxman,2011).The removable media devices mainly include storage devices such ascompact discs, CD- ROM drive, DVD -ROM drive and USB -flash drive.The software devices are controlled by the hardware devices makingthe interrelationship between the two systems inseparable.

Softwareinfrastructure is a set of instructions which enable the user toaccess and get anything substantial from the computer. Thesesoftware`s include antivirus, audio program, database, Email,Internet browser, movie player, programming language and wordprocessor. The software is either purchased online or from a computerstore. However, some computer software`s are free. The software isfirst installed on a hard drive and is ready for use after theinstallation.

Useof information Technology Infrastructure has brought rapid positivechange to the world. It has led to increased productivity andperformance in most businesses which have been achieved byreplacement of human labor with faster and more effective humantechnology. They have also resulted in the achievement of moreaccurate results in different fields. Humanly is prone to error butthe replacement of people with these machines have made companies toenjoy maximum profits. The interconnection of software, hardware andnetwork facilities is mutual, and none can operate in the absence ofthe other. For them to be more productive, they should be carefullymonitored. With the rapid change of technology in the world, it isimportant that everybody has the necessary information Technologyskills and have a good understanding of all equipment involved.


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