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The Privileged Planet


ThePrivileged Planet

ThePrivileged Planet

Thedocumentary on describes how the earth isunique to its inhabitants in general. Apart from this, it digs upvaluable information about the planet known only by a few people.Over the years, scientists have studied spectrometry and new findingsexplored to come up with ways, which could help maintain itsexistence and supremacy (USA Havana, 2014). The documentary wasco-authored by Dr. Guillermo Gonzalez and Dr. Jay W. Richards, whobelieve that the earth was designed or rather molded by a uniqueintelligence beyond human imagination. The main views from thedocumentary will be briefly looked at and discussed.

ThePrivileged Planet video argues that the planet earth was placed whereit is intentionally and the events that led to its existence werecalculated (USA Havana, 2014). This is to say, that if the planet wasa little bit or further from the sun, the biggest star, then it wouldnot support life like the other planets in the solar system. Besides,the documentary explains why the alteration of the earth’s tiltwould cause major issues such as climate fluctuations or mildseasons. Thus, the current tilting of the planet is suited for humansurvival. However, many other scholars do not agree with the brainsbehind the documentary who states that the earth was designed so thatscientist could experiment with it, but rather argue that itsexistence in the Milky Way and its uniqueness over other planets iswhat makes the world inhabitants unique (USA Havana, 2014).

Inconclusion, the documentary is a good source for scholars to find outwhy the planet is unique and the reasons for its exact position.However, they should not entirely depend on the source since most ofits suggestions are not based on facts.


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