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The Relationship between Happiness and Individuality in Harley-Davidson and Philosophy


TheRelationship between Happiness and Individuality in Harley-Davidsonand Philosophy

TheRelationship between Happiness and Individuality in Harley-Davidsonand Philosophy

Fora person to understand the relationship between individuality andhappiness, he or she must know their meaning of the two andapplication to the society. These two words describe a state of beingthat affects a person. The relationship between happiness andindividuality has always risen in the discussion of many philosophersand other researchers. Their relationship is internal, and accordingto Mill, some pleasures are more valuable and desirable than others.According to this researcher, the kind of pleasure on people`s minddetermines the connection between their individuality and happiness.The connection is always contingent when concerned with qualitativepleasures. This is seen in the book written by Harley Davidson. Thebook discusses the lives and philosophies of motorcyclist, thus thiscan help an individual to understand the relationship betweenhappiness and individuality (Rollin, 2006). The characters discussedin the book expose both individuality and happiness. According to theauthor, one should understand the biker’s way of living based onindividuality and happiness (Seligman &amp Csikszentmihalyi, 2014).

Individualityis manifested when individuals develop their talent and personality(Horvart,2013).Through this development, they become different from others. Forexample, the author describes Bear in a way that proves he possessesindividuality aspects. The author says that Bear, does not join otherriders on table for conversations. The individual does not like ordislike anyone, but he likes to keep his distance. According to theauthor, Bear does not care about anyone. He does not ask for helpfrom anyone. Bear believes that he knows more things than anyone elsein the group does. Individuality comes with knowledge, and the bikersprefer not to share their knowledge. The author explains that Bear isa skeptic and thinks everybody has a lot of information. The bikersshow individuality since they are different from others and at thesame time, they have developed their intense social characters. Theyparticipate in various work together as a community. They acknowledgemoral law and promote the common good. Their behaviors do not showhate, but they consider being individualists (Rollin, 2006).

Fromthe book, one should understand that the groups on individualityaspect. Individuality can involve some skepticisms. According to theauthor, the bikers are divided into two kinds of academic skeptics.These groups are the Carneadean and the followers. An example of afollower in the book is Sextus who seems to follow Pyrrho all thetime (Rollin, 2006). The author then explains that he does not seethe riders as followers. He says that the carneadean are notfollowers. The group is somehow happy, but some characters seem to beunhappy. One should understand that individualists are sometimesegoists. The definition of an egoist is the ethical position toperform an act on person’s interest. An egoist never argues andtheir selfishness is inherently good. In the book, the character Jackwho is always happy believes that his friends are selfish. The authorexplains that this character is a cynic and every other individual inthe riders group are cynics too. According to the discussion earlierabout how individualists are concerned about pleasures is also seenin cynics. The author discusses that the cynics are like to eschewdelicacies, luxuries, powerful social games and this voluntarydeprivation are compensated by the pleasures appropriates to theindividual. According to the author, the conventional people aretrying to criticize the cynical bikers’ way of living. Due to theirindividuality, the group has always been together and strongercompared to other groups in the world (Seligman &ampCsikszentmihalyi, 2014).

Happinessis the feeling of contentment. A person who has individuality isalways content with the knowledge they have acquired. The authorsupports that individualists are happy with thier lives. However, oneshould understand that happiness is a feeling that is generated whenan individual achieve their desires and aspirations. The equation forcontentment can be characterized through either emotional or materialequivalence. For example, when an individual acquires enormous wealththey can be considered happy. Happiness is an emotion that drives thecharacters in the book, but some seem to have unhappy life. Theauthor discusses about the character’s free living. This can berelated to having happy lives. According to the author a part ofriders characters includes knowing their responsibilities, theyrespect people who respect them, guard their honor and follow thevoice that comes in a person`s mind when they are quiet (Rollin,2006). All this characters depict a way of free living. According tothe author, it is important for a reader to understand that there isa commonality among the bikers. The bikers are free spirits kind ofpeople. This behavior is an intuitive awareness that happiness isfleeting. He explains that happiness is uncommon to be expected andwherever it alights for some time it will always be celebrated. Thisoccurrence is the type of life the bikers prefer. According to theauthor, some people may define their life choices as pagan fatalism,but it is all about freedom. This freedom is related to individualityand happiness. The author explains that there is no point to classifythe bikers philosophically. He believes that one thing that theriders have in common is their individuality and they find theirrelation easy to accomplish. This shows that through individualitycomes happiness (Rollin, 2006). According to research, happinessoperates under three things, which are, the comparison standard,comparison adjusts and standards of comparison are arbitraryconstructs (Seligman &amp Csikszentmihalyi, 2014). The bikers findthemselves under these postulates. The author has explained that mostof the bikers are happy with their lives and prefer individuality.People should understand that happiness varies with culture and thebikers have that. They find their happiness in their individuality(Seligman &amp Csikszentmihalyi, 2014).

Inconclusion, the rider’s relationship is based on individuality andhappiness. The book has shown many types of behaviors in thecharacters. According to the author, the riders are individualists.Some people believe that following a group and blending in is a wayto become happy. It has been noted that other individuals want to beaccepted. Therefore, people will decide to change themselves to beaccepted in certain groups However, for a person to be happy, theymay consider some uniqueness. They should see what other people haveand appreciate it. They accept who they are because it is a part ofindividuality. The book Harley-Davidson and Philosophy supportsindividuality and happiness. In addition, the author depicts thatbelonging and conformity confer happiness and individuality.Happiness can be defined as the avoidance of pain and indulging topleasure, this supported in the book. The riders seem to live a happylife and avoid pain. Satisfaction is related to pleasure andhappiness. The riders are satisfied with their lives, and for thisreason, they are happy, and their moral justification only promoteshappiness.



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