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The U.S Constitution Question 1

TheU.S Constitution


Theseparation of powers identifies three branches of the government thatinclude the executive, the legislature, and the judiciary (Lowi,Ginsberg, Shepsle, and Ansolabehere, 2013).This is imperative to the democracy of the Americans because each ofthem is given specified unique roles to play that do not collide withone another. The legislature is responsible for the creation of lawsgoverning the state, ensuring that budgets are passed, and thecreation of the wars where necessary. The executive enforces the lawsthat have been adopted by the legislature, declares the state ofemergency when appropriate and appoints the federal judges as well asother heads of the administration departments after they are approvedby the Senate. Similarly, the judiciary is mandated to determine thelaws to be applied in certain cases, reviews how constitutional therules are and interprets them accordingly. For instance, the powersof the executive were challenged during the Obama administrationconcerning the drone program that was after killing the Americanssuspected of terrorism activities.

Thechecks and balances systems are necessary as the sections of thegovernment keep track on one another to make sure that the Charter isfollowed precisely in all the actions that they undertake. They donot permit any one of them to violate the ordinance.


TheConstitution protects the rights of individuals and groups in severalways. It contains the Bill of Rights that entitles the citizens ofthe United States of America to some specified freedoms, rights,protections, and prohibitions that they are supposed to enjoy withoutbeing limited by anybody (Lowi et al., 2013). The residents canchallenge any decision made against the provisions of this Bill. Forinstance, in the recently concluded elections, most people expectedthat Clinton would win, but instead Trump did. The constitutionallows for peaceful assemblies as a form of expression and this isthe reason why most democrats can be seen in streets of major townsdemonstrating that Trump is not their president.

Responsesto Professor

Theamendment process of the Bill of rights starts when the Congressproposes it and the same is supported by two-thirds of more membersfrom both houses. Similarly, the amendment can begin when two-thirdsof the legislatures request for it by a national convention. It islater ratified by three-quarters of the legislatures or convention ofthe states.

Theseparation of powers plays a direct role in the Amendment processbecause the legislature is the one that has power to ratify anyamendments made. However, the judiciary can step in if such laws areagainst the constitution in any manner.

Ifeel that the modifications done to the Stolen Valor Act (2013) arenegative. This is because there is no way a superior state, in theUS, can decide to respect the fraudulent representations of thosepeople who had received the military declarations. These changes donot respect the rights of individuals and groups especially,veterans who have honestly sacrificed their lives to protect thestate.


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