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Therapeutic Services




Therapeuticservices play a crucial role in the modern society especially inprovidingtherapeuticsupport to families, aged and the children. Each healingservice has a unique role,and they are different in the manner in which they areappliedand even the people who administer the services. As explained below,are some of the differences and similarities between Physicaltherapy, occupational therapy, and recreational therapy.


Whiletalking about the similarities in the therapeutic services, it isimportant to note that both the physical, recreational andoccupational remedy are services that are geared towards painalleviation from an individual by inculcating certain skills in anindividual’s life(Oerlemans, et al., 2012). Besides, for an individual to be either a recreational therapist oran occupational therapist, the minimum level of education has to be aBachelor’s degree from a certified institution with a recognizedstate license. Importantly, all these groups of therapists eitherwork in offices or hospitals across the country.


Themain differences between occupational, recreational and the physicaltherapists depend on their job. Physical therapists deal withpatient’s with movement dysfunctions as opposed to the professionalpsychiatrists who focus more on motor skills and incorporation of theadaptive tools(FergusonPublishing, 2016).They are also different from the recreational therapists who focusesmore on meeting the patient’s leisure needs. It is also importantto note that physical therapists hold a doctorateas opposed to the occupational and recreational therapist who bothhave masters or a bachelor`s degree to work. Their certification alsovaries from one state to another, even though certificationrequirement for the physical therapists include specialization inneurology and orthopedics which is not the case with occupationaltherapy that all requires a driving test environmental mobility(FergusonPublishing, 2011).


Medicalsubordinates have a vital role in themodern healthcare system due to their unique ability to do bothclinical and administrative duties(Keir, 2011).While advancing health career, prior training as a medical assistanthelps one to be exposed some of the clinical and managerialroles which are vital in learning in the area of specification.


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