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Threepenny Opera




‘The’ production concept utilizes costume, lighting,sound, and other elements to show depravity in the societies. Theplay talks of Polly, Peachum’s daughter, who falls in love withMacheath. After learning about their relationship, Polly’s parentsare enraged not mainly because Macheath was a criminal, but becausehe was a competitor to Polly’s father, who in a way is a thief likeMacheath. He trains street people or beggars on how to prey on thepublic`s mercy and gets a share of their begged earnings. Brown, afriend to Macheath and the chief of police, keeps Macheath out ofjail, but Jenny, Macheath’s former girlfriend turns him in, but theQueen saves him from execution.

Oneof production concept the play utilizes is a simple setting. Theproduction utilizes a poor look, especially in the first scene thatrevolves around beggars. There is also the use of old clothes tosignify poverty and weakness. The producer also uses music to bringout the meaning of the play. There is an interplay of songs tosignify light and dark deeds in the play. For example, sunny music inthe in ‘The Ballard of Mack the Knife’ illustrates the darkdeeds. The play also utilizes dangerous aspect to reflect on thecapitalist society where people exploit others for them to besuccessful. For example, the white gloves, which Macheath wears hideshis true character. Many love him because he is attractive but inreality, he is a terrible person. The play also utilizes the moon,which appears whenever love is in the air. The play seems to beunifying around the moon. Polly sings about the moon in expressingher love to Macheath. It also shows hope in the play. Brown looks atthe moon and hopes the police do not catch Macheath. There is the sexconcept, mainly expressed by Macheath. It shows how people in thesociety are driven by their desires. Brecht utilizes prostitution inthe play to show that everyone is selling something in the capitalistsystem.


Onemoment that is not directly related to the play is the part whenPeachum opposes Polly from being in a relationship with Macheathbecause he is a criminal. The play illustrates Peachum being veryangry with her daughter, making viewers to see father’s love inPeachum. However, his worries are different. He is opposed to theirrelationship only because Macheath is his competitor. They are boththieves as Peachum steals from the public by training beggars on howto pretend, for them to gain public’s mercy. Another moment is theuse of alterations of acting styles. This is evident when Mrs.Peachum sings a sexual song at a brothel. Jenny then follows with atruthful song of love gone by. The song is however distracted byvoices of prostitutes as they ran away from the police. The abovemoment has different instances of scenic fiction, which help inrevealing the untruthful nature of the trades in the capitalisticsystem. The interchange of the actions in the play also helps viewerspay attention throughout the play.

ThreepennyOpera’s production concept ensures that viewers get play’s truemessage. Brecht uses music, clothing, and lighting to show theexciting and dangerous aspects of the society. The poor clothing ofthe beggars and darkness is a show of moral decay in the society.People are using others to enrich themselves. The strong exploit theweak, a concept mainly depicted by Peachum who uses beggars to preyon people’s sympathies for him to get money. The society presentedin the play shows the strong preying on the weak. Macheath is usinghis good looks to deceive women. He hides his bad behaviors under hisattractive body and clothing. The same case applies to Peachum as heeven quotes from the bible as he deceives the beggars. The productionconcept of the play tries to bring out a unifying theme of depravityin the capitalistic economy.