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Working on the suggestions.

I have received your recommendation email,and I am working on it accordingly. With due respect,Mr. Rick, the received Code of Conduct for the Cityof Edmonton was being used by the formerHuman Resources Admin. I was confidentthat very few changes were to be done byyou and that’s why I came up with minimal alteration in the Code ofConduct. Since during the previous regime,this policy resulted inhigher productivity and clarity on the day-to-day activitiesin the City of Edmonton. I know you arekeen to implement these new changes in theCode of Conduct so that the organization can experience maximumprofitability and transparency for the workers.

Changing of this document would mean that, there must be the creationof a bureaucratic procedure, which will require a lot of time to doso. Apart from that, financial constraintshave to be experienced within theorganization. Given that revising and reprinting of the same copiesrequires extra cash. During the reviewing process of the proposedchanges in Code of Conduct, the selected committee has to take time.It means that certain functions of theorganization have to stop for a while which means, productivity willreduce hence losses. Every governmentinstitution has to find ways to minimize the production cost andmaximize their profits. In our case, this is opposite,why? We are sending a lot of our resources to review obvious things.For instance, the appraisal of institution policies and reprintingthem.

For any association to run efficiently,there is a need to use thecodeof behavior that does require all employees to follow. So, by usingan authoritative tone as a way of demonstrating its credibility tothe workers, this shall be possible. These ethics are deliberate todirect their workplace performance and your decision-making.Preferably, a policy will considerably force your effort as a HumanResources Admin because these codes will guide you when doing youwork. The impact of these ethicswill depend on how you will implement them.(Assad)

Reviewingstaff for policy fulfillment gives the regulations a stronger forcein the bureau and on a memberof staff performance. Therefore, I think it could be better to informand ask all workers what they think about the newly formed Code ofConduct, before doing any review. Also to ask for their suggestionson how we can go about evaluatingthe ethics periodic. Itbrings awareness to the policy and may expose practices whichinfringe the regulations in the production. Staff cannot understandif their proceedings are going against the policy until it`s broughtto their consideration and told about it. Without doing so thesuggestions to revisit the rules won’t be successful.Thusevaluation apparatus don`t restrain only policy maker and the HumanResources Admin. Unspecified member of staff surveys, for instance,permit a company to estimate the value of its systemand get workers judgment while revealing possible rulesmisunderstandings. So before engaging the employees, wehave to carry out the above survey. Where the problem arises, then wewill create an appendix to help with common workplace scenarios

The matter of fact is that I find it aneconomical and inconsiderable to review yoursuggestions before involving other stakeholdersin the City of Edmonton. I do regret totell you that your idea won’t bedealt with at the moment.

All the best regards in your new position,


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