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To Kill A Mockingbird

ToKill A Mockingbird


Thebook“”is characterized by themes of racial injustice and destruction ofinnocence. It also highlights serious issues such as rape. From anindividual`s perspective, the best character from the book isAtticus. Unlike his white counterparts, Atticus serves as the moralbackbone of his town. From the start, one can clearly see that he hascalm wisdom and is against racial injustice. Atticus refrains fromgeneralizing people and recognizes that people have bad and goodqualities. His actions such as defending Tom Robinson shows that heis an honest and courageous person who is stand firm for what hebelieves.

Basedon the story, it is evident that the level of racism has lessened. In the book, it seems that even the judicial institutions that aretasked with ensuring justice also embrace racism. Currently, legalinstitutions including the judiciary have been empowered to makejudgments based on pieces of evidence presented and not stereotypicalopinions as was witnessed in Tom Robinson`s case. Additionally, thefact that minority groups such as African-Americans trust thejudicial system is an indication that racism has lessened.

Myfavorite scene in the book happens when Calpurnia takes Jem and Scoutto a local black church, and they receive a warm reception. Thisreaction from the church members is an indication that when there isjustice, people can co-exist in harmony. Although the end is sadbecause the court decision promotes racism, people like Atticus givethe reader hope for a better society.

ToKill A Mockingbird”is a fascinating book. This is because it effectively highlights someof the challenges that African-American used to experience. Unlikewhat many people often assume, even in those challenging moments whenracism was rampant, there were white Americans who still stood forjustice and demanded that African-Americans receive fair courthearing.