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Transfer Student Statement


TransferStudent Statement

Iam writing this application requesting a transferfrom University College of Bahrain to Suffolk University in Boston,US. The reason for my transfer is that I seek better education andbetter accommodations that Suffolk University offers for thedisabled.

Atthe time I started studying at the University College of Bahrain,somechanges happened to me,and my life took a different turn. Ibegan to notice changes in my vision.After several doctorconsultations, the diagnosis was an eye condition called RetinitisPigmentosa. Retinitis Pigmentosa is a hereditary and degenerative eyedisease that causes severe visualizationimpairment owing to the progressive degeneration of the rodphotoreceptor cells in the retina. The early indications of RetinitisPigmentosa manifest itself regardlessof age,and I noticed these symptoms whenI beganstudying at University College of Bahrain.

AlthoughRetinitis Pigments is aprogressivegenetic eye condition, I did not expect the progression to worsenfasterasit did. Atfirst,I tried to cope without any help,but my as my vision deterioratedit became tough managing by my own. I took a break from my programand visited different eye doctors around the work as I learnedhow to adapt to a different way of life. Iwasat a devastating point in my life and where my life shifted fromnormal life to a life where I had to adjust and cope with my visionimpairment. I resumed my studies,but the adjustments needed were so big that it was obviously clearthat I could not go on with my studyprogram like I used to before. I needed help and supportivefacilities for people with disabilities like me.

Ihave 30 credits from the University College of Bahrain,and my G.P.A is around 2.5. My progressive visual impairment coupledwith the lackof accommodations for the disabled made studying difficult. Istruggled a lot. My program was on and off until I finally decided todiscontinue my studies and apply to Suffolk University because of thebetter education and accommodations which I know are better in theUnitedStates of Americathan in my home country. I believe that the support services andaccommodations that Suffolk University offers for the disabled willmake studying less difficult.

Ihave taken a test at Suffolk University and met some of the facultymembers and the staffthere who are kind and dedicated to their work. I believe that thisuniversity is perfect for me having read its online Notice ofNon-Discrimination that affirms Suffolk University’s commitment tothe success of all students by ensuring full access to the Universityprograms and services. The special accommodations the universityoffers for people with physical, learning, visual, hearingor other disabilities is assurance enough for me that the Universitywill provide an enabling learning environment for my particularvisual needs.

Ialso have a lot of friends and cousins that graduated and those thatstill study at Suffolk University who hold this university with highregard,and their recommendations that the university will be able to caterfor my disability needs is beyond doubt. I also know that being withthese friends and cousins already studying there mean that I willhave the love and support that I will need. I am confident that withthe accommodations that you offer, I will soon be part of greatSuffolk University Alumni like my cousins and friends before me.

I,therefore,look forward to my acceptance into Suffolk University.