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Trauma, its Effects, and Solutions

Trauma,its Effects, and Solutions

Trauma,its Effects, and Solutions

Traumamanifests itself through emotions and the unending fear of theunknown. Both emotional and psychological trauma are a result of theoccurrence of extraordinary incidences that leaves an individualwithout the sense of security in a world they perceive to beextremely dangerous and unpredictable. Trauma may be caused by aone-time event such as an accident, but sometimes ongoing activitieslike staying in a crime-ridden neighborhood contribute largely to anindividual’s restless state of mind. Trauma impacts negatively on avictim’s relationship with others. If they can relate theirexperience to a particular group, the victims tend to stay away fromsuch individuals even when they are not a replica of the scenariosthat contributed to the victims’ trauma. Trauma impacts negativelyon physical health. Stress impairs the effective development of thebrain and the nervous system. The foul emotional response is anothereffect that researchers have associated with trauma. Dissociation anddrastic behavioral change have a direct link with trauma victims.

Thebest way to deal with trauma is to handle it and resolve any issuesrelated to it. Avoiding isolation, taking care of one’s health andpsychiatric consultations are some of the best ways to deal withtrauma. It is important for the victims to acknowledge thatirrespective of whatever happened, life has to go on. Isolation maybe detrimental to a victim. Being in a group may be essential inproviding encouragement and the emotional and physical support neededto get back on track. Participating in social activities may help oneperceive an experience as a mere scratch considering other people’sexperiences. Asking for psychological help may be an essential courseof handling the deeply-rooted notions attached to one’s experienceor current state. The brain is quite complex, but that does notchange the versatility of human nature. With the right set of tools,any psychological or emotional damages can be restored to theiroriginal normal states.


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