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Trauma Trauma



Traumais emotional response that an individual has to a very negativething. Even though trauma is just a normal reaction to a badsituation. Even though trauma is treated as normal thing in regardsto something considered as bad, the effects are so severe andinterfere with the daily living of individuals. Trauma can lead toshort-term effects among individuals and the effects includeflashbacks, lack of sleep, general anxiety among people, beinghypervigilance and being jumpy. If not attended to, trauma can leadto stress and thus make the system exhausted, isolation and despair.

Todeal with trauma, there is need to do psychotherapy as a form oftreating and healing the effects of trauma. Through therapy or evencounselling, individuals with trauma can then be counselled. Thosewho have experienced trauma and the ones diagnosed with PTSD oftenmake sense of their experiences as well as their feelings. Throughtherapy, individuals can be taught how to develop plans for stayingsafe, learning some healthy coping skills and connecting with theother resources and support. Having a qualified therapist can assistin healing the trauma even after the trauma took place and theunresolved trauma remains one of the most stated reasons why peoplego for counselling or even therapy. Being properly educated is alsoessential as it can help a person to deal with every experience.Also, one needs to understand that they have bad days so that theycan manage their moods during this days. Managing the moods help instressing management as well. It is worth to have some small thoughtsas this help in remembering things and avoid getting people to haveserious thoughts and mood swings.


  1. What are the main causes of trauma?

  2. What are the signs of a person suffering from trauma?

  3. Is there a test or self-assessment one can do?