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Trump`s Policies and their Impact on State, Regional and Municipal Government

Trump’sPolicies and their Impact on State, Regional and Municipal Government


TrumpsPolicies and their Impact on State, Regional and Municipal Government

Trump’svictory in the 2016 general election was a historical event in U.S,in light of his policies. Many factors contributed to his win, amongthem being his promise to revive U.S manufacturing throughrestriction of “unfair” trade deals with China, Mexico, and othercountries. While Clinton policies were, clear, timely and precise onher intentions to expand the social safety net and safeguard therights of the people. Donald trump’s policies were clear on hisintent to roll back on protection which brings terror and despair tothe people. His policies resonated well with the blue-collar voterwho believes that foreign trade destroys U.S jobs. Therefore, thepaper seeks to explore Donald Trump’s public policies and theirimplication on state, regional, and municipal governments.

DonaldTrump’s Policies

Donaldtrump’s policies revolve around crime, education, environmentalpolicy, families, foreign policy. Also, on government, healthcarepolicy, immigration, jobs and economy policy, science and technology,and taxes. The policies have both positive and negative impact on thecitizens and the states. Although, election promises do not alwaysequate to post-election actions. It is hard to predict what DonaldTrump presidency will bring, given his fondness for playing fast andloose with public policy details. Below is a discussion of thepolicies.


Thisis the policy that attracted a lot of controversies from the U.Scitizens, especially the immigrants. On the issue of immigration,Trump has been very vocal on his intention to end Deferred Action forChildhood Arrivals (DACA), and Deferred Action for Parents of U.SCitizens and Lawful Permanent Residents (DAPA). This has brought manyconcerns to the undocumented Mexican immigrants who fear of theirdeportation despite being hardworking citizens (Brown, Bronstein &ampGriffin, 2016). Trumps says that the Paris attack is enough to provethat a handful of terrorists pretending to be immigrants can causeirrevocable and catastrophic damage and due to this, he opposesresettling of any Syrian in the U.S and campaigns for deportation ofthose who have been resettled already. According to Brown, Bronstein&amp Griffin (2016), to effect on his policy, he would introduce aprogram similar to the one initiated after the 9/11 called NSEERSprogram (National Security Entry-Exit Program). Whose main aim is toscreen for people coming from terrorist inhabited countries, such as,Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan.


DonaldTrump is opposed to the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) treaty andproposes for changes on the NAFTA agreement with Mexico and Canada (Luttwak, 2016).This seems to resonate well with the rust belt of the Midwest, withenormous consequence for the election`s outcome. In addition, he hasthreatened to impose 45% tariffs on Chinese products, stokingsuspicions of a trade war.


Onhis policies, he has voiced intention to dismantle or restructureObama’s deal with Iran on prevention of Islamic Republic onacquiring nuclear weapons. Additionally, he has contrasted Obama’svision of the world without nuclear weapons by allowing Japan andSouth Korea to develop nuclear arsenals. He has voiced his intentionto press for more fairness in alliance burden sharing, especially inthe NATO treaty with its richer members as America pays more than anyother country. He intends on forming a closer relationship with theRussian president Vladimir Putin (Luttwak,2016).


Hisfiscal policy is almost similar to Clinton’s. However, he intendsto cut seven brackets of current tax to just three: low- incomeearners should not be taxed, lower business tax to 15 flat rates, andmultinational companies to expatriate their cash at a tax rate of10%.

HealthCare Policy

Themajority of people with disabilities and low-income earners inAmerica depend on the Medicaid program in partnership with thefederal state, which makes it easy for them to access health careservices. Unfortunately, Trumps in his policies intends toblock-grant Medicaid. This makes it tough to for the disadvantaged inthe society to access health care, which acts as the lifeline betweenlife and death. Ben Rosenfield, San Francisco states that Trump`spolicy would affect public health and human service programs.

Implicationon State, Regional, and Municipal Governments

Theimmigration policy would result in a clash between the citizens andthe police force. According to Ingram (2016) in an interview with theNew York mayor, he expressed his fear and that of the residents ofNew York City of which the largest percent is the immigrant. Heconcluded by saying that New York would remain anasylum shielding theillegal immigrants. This would create a conflict between PresidentTrump and the Mayor. For instance, during the campaign, Trumpreferred to De Blasio the worst Mayor in America and the record ofAmerica. The mayor refers to Trump as the worst demagogues in U.Shistory. This is a display of their dislike of each other. However,the mayor expresses optimism in Trump`s infrastructure policy voicingthat New York would benefit greatly and that many people would goback to work.

Inhis policies, he lobbies for the veterans, through his proposition toinvest in the treatment of war heroes and heroines by makingtreatment of post-traumatic stress disorder and depression(invisible-wounds) readily available. In addition, he would increasethe number of doctors especially those specializing in women healthto cater for the female veterans. This would positively influence thestate security as the army, and the police are well looked after,thus, maximum protection.

Taxpolicy would have both positive and negative impacts on the citizensand businesses. The low-income earners would greatly benefit, as theywill not pay taxes while the rich will be taxed higher. Consequently,elimination of death tax and marriage penalty would have a positiveimpact on the citizens. However, by cutting taxes for middle-classearners and his attempt at growth without adding to the debt ordeficit could negatively impact the municipal bond market, ascitizens would not be in a position to purchase bonds.

Mexicowould suffer greatly from the immigration policies, as he has vowedto erect a wall at the border also the threat to deport theundocumented immigrant in which the highest percentage if from Mexico(Luttwak,2016).This would have a significant impact on remittances, which are themajor contributors to the GDP in Mexico and other Latin Americaneconomies.

Ina bid to promote local manufacturing of products, Trumps hasthreatened on imposing tariffs on Chinese goods and U.S being Chinaslargest export markets, the likelihood of China retaliating with itstariffs is high(Luttwak, 2016).This would awaken a trade war, which is bound to affect growth andinflation in both countries and eventually creating chaos in thefinancial markets. Additionally, Trump`s insistence on Asian alliesto take responsibility for their security, this will create a chancefor China to expand its military spending and diplomatic presence.

Anincrease in tariffs on imported goods would be passed throughcompanies in the form of higher prices and would eventually affectthe consumers as part of these consumer products are made outside theU.S., which makes it expensive to import. However, companies canavoid the tariffs by producing the goods locally although this wouldalso be expensive as labor in America is expensive. Thus, the priceof goods would hike affecting the consumers. Therefore, increasingtariffs on imports will have adverse effects on the consumers.

UponMr. Trump victory student from different universities all over theU.S are taking a stand by protesting on the immigration policycalling on their respective campuses to be designated a sanctuary.Additionally, students, faculties, and alumni’s have circulatedpetitions calling on the administration to refuse to releaseinformation on the status of immigration student and consequently,limit cooperation with the federal immigration authorities and barthem accessing to the campuses (Abbey-Lamberts, 2016).

Inconclusion, there is much to worry about when it comes to PresidentTrump’s policies especially on Immigration and trade. Therefore, itis prudent for the U.S citizens to wait and observe how PresidentTrump undertakes the implementation of his policies.


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