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Tyranny of the Majority

Tyrannyof the Majority

Tyrannyof the Majority

Thefirst two chapters of Mill’s book “On Liberty” offers the bestcontributions to the issue of liberty in the current democraticperiod. From a historical point of view, it is proven that themajority in the society have a say and rule liberties of theminority. Mill suggests the issue of absurdity by pointing out thatpublic opinion, and the issue of the tyranny of the majority or thepowerful segment are more stifling to individuality than in the law.In his work, Mill suggests that the concept of individuality isessential for human progress and freedom. Based on his argument, theauthor concludes that change in society can only be made through acombined power and numbers. The society’s right is the main focustowards development of change according to Mill’s arguments(George, 2015).

Milljustifies the concept of liberty through the use of the utilitarianapproach. His works aim at showing the positive side of liberty toall people and that of the society in general. The author links theconcept of liberty to the capability of progression and to avoidconcepts that relate to social stagnation. As highlighted in work,liberty of opinion is essential because of the unpopular opinion mayhave a right concept and the other reason is that when the opinion iswrong, disproving the opinion will assist individuals to understandtheir personal beliefs better. Liberty of action is important forparallel situations (George, 2015). According to the text, liberty ofaction allows people to have their views on which they base theirarguments.

Thetyranny of the majority remains vulgarly in the operations of thepublic authorities act as discussed by Mill. The author reflectsindividuals perceived that the concept of a tyrant is within thesociety. It means that the concept of tyrannizing is not restrictedto the society acts. It is the work of the society to execute somemandates, and when it provides wrong mandates instead of the correctdirections or any mandates in things that do not require meddling.According to Mills, such an approach allow the practice of socialtyranny more than in other political oppression although it does notattract extreme penalties. Protection against the issue of thetyranny of the magistrate according to Mills is not enough (George,2015). There is a need to have protection on matters of tyranny inthe prevailing opinion against the society setting so as to havemeans of civil penalties.

The concept of liberty according to the Mill’s book, it’s a wayof society pursuing their own good in their special ways. It’s abook that emphasizes and discusses the importance of peopleexercising individuality in the society. People should fulfill theirinterests irrespective of the approach they use, but provided theyget or realize their desires. Within the society setting, thegovernment has an obligation to create a system that protects andsecures the freedom of its people. People should have the freedom toengage in activities that allow them to pursue their goals. In otherwords, Mills believes in the issue of social equality as a way topractice and arrive at freedom. Freedom of speech and liberty helpspeople justify their opinions. It is a way in which people believe inthemselves hence defend their actions and words.


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