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UCSDStuart Collection Field Trip

TheUC San Diego campus in La Jolla is home to great artworks. Most ofthe works of art found in the institution are sculptures. The publicartworks are renowned worldwide, and the elements have been wellarticulated to create exceptional pieces. The art piece viewed at theUC San Diego campus grounds was an installation by Do-ho Suh (Inga,2012). It comprised of a house perched at an angle off the edge ofthe Jacobs School of Engineering building and dated back to 2012. Thepiece of work correctly displays the concept of displacement.

Thepiece titled Falling Star was sky blue in color. The color makes itconspicuous as the building on which it was installed of a browncolor, which is quite dull. Line has substantially been used in thework to bring out various aspects. It has been employed by the artistto indicate the direction of inclination on the installation and alsodefines the edges. Line was also used constructively to create theform. Form has also been employed in an intelligent manner todescribe space. The type of form employed in this work is geometricand has carefully been applied to create what we see as a house. Thetexture of the installation is highly dictated by the materials used,and significantly varies between various sections of the piece. Valuehas been used in the piece in a way that makes the viewer note thedistinction between different parts of the installation. The wallshave a lighter value whereas the roof has the darkest value.

Thework has perfectly been organized to bring out the differentprinciples of design. Principles such as dominance, unity, movement,balance and proportion can easily be noted by looking at the piece.Dominance is created by the use of the sky blue color against a brownbackground. It is also formed by the protrusion from the mainbuilding the artist creatively and intentionally applied theprotrusion to ensure that the piece becomes the center of attention.Movement has been described by both the horizontal lines andpositioning of form. The piece depicts a form of asymmetric balancewhere one side is supported by the building and the other portionhangs in the air. Unity is depicted by the artist’s decision toplace the installation on top of an existing building and the factthat the hanging house is totally supported by the building on whichit has been installed.

FallenStar,the name given to the 18thpermanent sculpture commissioned by the UCSD’s Stuart Collection,brings out the concept of abandonment. From the artwork, one can tellthat the artist wanted to share on the state of abandonment and thathe found the whole idea of using a house to depict this as beingsuitable (Inga, 2012). This piece was chosen because of itsuniqueness and the artist’s creativity represented by it. Itclearly describes displacement and one can feel this when studyingit. The artist used the installation to clearly illustrate histhoughts and ideas which are to some level connected to the lifehistory and experience of the artist.

Theidea of a house crashing onto a storied building was epic, and thismakes the work of art unique. The whole idea and the manner in whichit is presented makes the work a great piece of public art. FallenStar is a large scale piece of installation. The scale has howeverbeen utilized creatively to communicate the artist’s mind. Theconcept of displacement was greatly inspired by the artist’srelocation to the United States from his home in South Korea, andthis could, therefore, be the reason for its installation at the UCSDcampus. The artist was also commissioned by the university to producethe piece for the Stuart collection, and this, therefore, explainsits location at the University. The materials used include concreteand wood because it was developed for permanent installation.

Toconclude, the piece of art by Do Ho Suh at the UCSD campus hasperfectly managed to portray the artist’s concept of displacement.The artist has also used different elements of design in his piecemaking it outstanding and perfectly fitting as a great piece ofpublic art. Different principles of art ca also be noted from thepiece.


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