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Understanding Who I Am

UnderstandingWho I Am

UnderstandingWho I Am

Workingthesis: The research aims at studying my strengths and weaknesses. Myidentity and personality are determined greatly by the strong pointsand the weak areas that I possess. Understanding who I am is alsodetermined by external factors for example, family background andreligious affiliation.

Explanation:It is important to know my strengths. These are the positiveattributes and qualities I have been demonstrating in whatever I do.It is because of my strengths that I have managed to perform myduties and accomplish most of my goals. Besides, the research willfind out more about my weaknesses(Thomas &amp Magilvy, 2011).These are the areas in which I have failed to live up to theexpectations. My weaknesses are my undoing, and negatives qualitiesor things that have become a barrier to my success. If I had noweaknesses, I would have succeeded in whatever task I undertake.

Subpoints: To understand myself, I will have to carry out a thoroughstudy on aspects of personal development (Kumar, 2005). In the firstplace, I will have to analyze all the goals that I have been settingin my life. Besides, I will focus on all the duties andresponsibilities that I have been assigned. Moreover, I will analyzeif I have executed these tasks successfully. This will be followed bythe identification of the areas in which I have managed to produceimpressive results(Sirriyeh, Lawton, Gardner &amp Armitage, 2012).

Possibleobjections: Strengths and weaknesses are not sufficient factors toexplain my personality. Knowledge about oneself is influenced byseveral other issues for example, family background, beliefs,desires in life, and interests. Family background explains personalidentity. I come from a middle-income household because my parentsare professional staff. I belong to the Christian faith, and I have agreat interest in technological developments, fashion trends, andmodern music entertainment.

Replyto objections: Several social factors determine the identity of anindividual. But, strengths and weaknesses are the most effective inunderstanding oneself (Ruigrok &amp Wagner, 2005). I am aware ofwhat I can achieve and what I cannot do. I am good in academictherefore, I am motivated to pursue education until graduate level.However, I have average athletic abilities. Hence, I cannotparticipate in competitive sports effectively.


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