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For modern day organizations, effective leadership is integral toachieve set goals both in the long and short term. Ideally,leadership pertains to guiding, inspiring, and motivating peopletowards a common goal. Thus, leadership skills are critical formanagers and employees in senior positions. Individuals must thusactively pursue the skills required of effective leaders throughtraining and utilizing the strengths of their character and makingimprovements on their weak areas. As I look to enhance myprofessional competence, I have an excellent plan that will arm mewith the needed skills to function as a leader throughout my career.The following report summarizes my personal development plans andstrategies on attaining unique leadership skills.



I have a professional background in healthcare management. Havingcompleted my bachelor`s studies in health and biological sciences, Iam qualified to work in the healthcare field. I have also embarked onadditional training on the job. My work experiences in variousorganizations and positions have given me the chance to apply myskills in context. I have also learned a lot from my mentors andleaders in the industry. Working in healthcare has given me a chanceof to fulfill a childhood desire of leading people and also caringfor people. My job experience ranges from working in adult homehealth services, to consumer lending and working in HIV cases inNigeria. In all these positions, I have been happily servicing thepeople and improving healthcare.

I am currently working as a coordinating manager at the emergencydepartment of a health facility in New York City. I am responsiblefor supervising about 30 employees including clerical staff, patientnavigators, and patient transporters. Through my job, I am empoweredto organize and motivate people towards realizing the bigger goal ofimproving the quality of lives through superior healthcare services.In working in this position, I have to the best of my abilityemployed essential leadership skills by making sure that I inspireand motivate my team in the quest to reach set targets. Sometimes,this has involved sometimes immersing myself in their personal livesand even advising on personal matters such as career directions.


My current position has affirmed my strong belief that I am apeople`s person. However, this does not mean that I would allowproximity to my subordinates to dilute my firm resolve to attain settargets and always get the job done continually. As a leader, I planto touch the lives of millions of people, especially those that Iwork with, by empowering them to persistently pursue the best in themand enjoy personal and career happiness and success. I plan toachieve this by developing personal connections and seeking outone-on-one interactions to promote self-belief and even shareknowledge.

Mission statement

I intend to serve as a leader through my work and my personal life. Ibelieve in living a balanced life, and practicing by ethical idealsto offer inspiration to others and make a difference in this world.

Career objectives

I intend to be a notable healthcare management leader in the nextfive years. Having worked in other industries, I feel that thehealthcare industry offers me an attractive opportunity to reach manypeople and advance human progress in healthcare. It is my strongbelief that with the right skills, training, and support, I have whatit takes to be the CEO of a healthcare organization or be a founderof one in the next five years.



  1. Friendly and warm hearted. I have always been good with people by being sincere and genuine about relationships. I am empathetic and always seek to see the best in people. I understand the human nature of making errors, and I am always ready to give people a second chance.

  2. I am a problem solver who will not rest until a solution to a problem is found. To address such problems, I carry out research, consult, and try to develop a lateral thinking approach to matters.

  3. I am persistent. I do not believe in giving up on people or situations.

  4. I am a good judge of character, attentive to details, and highly intuitive. In my relations with people, I can assess their personalities in varying situations.


  1. Perfectionist and highly demanding. The fact that that I believe in people and infinite human knowledge, at times I tend to push people too much.

  2. Trust in people too much. The fact that I am honest and genuine makes me believe that all individuals are sincere and trustworthy by default. This has caused me numerous problems with people that I have trusted in the past but ended up disappointing me.


  1. The growing recognition of personal attributes in shaping good leaders offers individuals with good and desirable personality traits an opportunity to thrive.

  2. Rapid technology changes require always training of healthcare service providers to equip them with needed skills.

  3. My drive to succeed pushes me to try out new challenges and seek new skills wherever the opportunity presents itself.


  1. The growing number of competent leaders seeking training and pursuing similar goals as me. I acknowledge that competition in the job market is something that I cannot control. Fresh college graduates and even other accomplished leaders are continuously pursuing additional skills to improve their employability.


I acknowledge that there is no end to learning and that there isalways room for improvement. There are certain areas that I amacutely interested in working on by utilizing various leadership andpersonal development resources. These areas are

  1. Leadership

  2. Communication

  3. Relationship

  4. Adaptability

  5. Development of Others

  6. Production

  7. Task Management

  8. Sound Judgment based on Instincts

To gain these skills, I have identified several leadership resourcesthat will guide me through the process. Some of the resources arebooks and writings leadership guru, Glenn Llopis. He is anaccomplished author of leadership and motivational books and is aregular contributor to the Forbes Magazine. In one such article, heidentifies six essential resources for successful leaders. He liststhem as: trustworthy advisors the experience of failure diversityof thought in a team, expertise of think-tanks, the wisdom inherentin unwritten rules, and the sound judgment from instincts.

There are other resources that I plan on using on my personaldevelopment journey in leadership. One is a book by Jim Collinstitled &quotGood to great.&quot The book talks about the need forcontinuous improvement and stretching goals at all times. The secondbook is titled &quotFirst break all the rules&quot by MarcusBuckingham and Curt Coffman. This one talks to me as it emphasizesthe need to treat employees as individuals as opposed to being justpart of a group. Other books include Kenneth Jennings and JohnStahl-Wert`s &quotThe serving leader,&quot Simon Sinek`s &quotLeaderseat last&quot and John Maxwell`s &quotThe 21 irrefutable laws ofleadership.&quot Other tools include the Supervisor/Team AssessmentTools (http://www2.lbl.gov/BLI/assessment-tools.html), The DISCAssessment, Workplace Motivators Assessment, TriMetrixHD, MarcusBuckingham`s Strength Finder, and Myers Brigg`s Type Indicator(MBTI).


To move up the corporate ladder to the position of a CEO, I havedevised a plan. First of all, I will employ continuous learning toimprove my skill level. Although I have attended many leadership andindustry-related seminars and conferences, I still believe there ismore to learn and room for improvement. I will thus employ a broadrange of leadership resources to advance my skills and know-how.Again, I will continue to network and interact with fellowprofessionals in the field to learn more about industry trends anddirection.

Also related to continuous learning is my plan to acquire a Ph.D.qualification in one area of specialization. I value such aqualification dearly in my heart knowing very well that I will havelived by my mantra of being the best that I can be. Thus, I lookforward to going back to university, not just because of theemployability factors, but also as a matter of attaining my personalgoals. To do this, I will first give myself about two years after mygraduate studies. The break will give me the chance to gain moreexperience in the field, hopefully in a more senior role. Then I willbe ready to pursue my Ph.D. in whatever area I choose.

My contingency plan involves pursuing a healthcare technology-relatedcourse. The field of health informatics and computer-aideddecision-making, as well as the provision of health services online,point to the future of healthcare. It is only logical that I adapt tothe change in the industry and improve my skills in IT specific tohealthcare. Furthermore, as a person who strongly advocatesindependence, I have always admired the freedom and challenge ofstarting my own business. With the automation of some primaryfunctions in healthcare services, it is even easier for individualsto start businesses. Thus, it is also in my plans to start a healthservice provider business along the value chain and be a CEO of mystart-up firm.

Nonetheless, there are certain risks to starting and running my ownbusiness. The first challenge would be the lack of seriousentrepreneurial experience. Although I possess some entrepreneurialskills such as being innovative and forward thinking, I have neversuccessfully operated a major business. Again, there is the issue offinancing depending on the magnitude of the firm. To counter suchweaknesses in my plan, I have been privately learning entrepreneurialskills. I have even already started on writing a business plan. I amalso reading widely on biographies of successful entrepreneurs.Luckily for me, some of these skills I can apply either when runningmy firm or working in an organization.

In line with leading a balanced life, I also plan on setting timeaside for socializing, family and personal time. I intend to set atleast two hours every week for prayers and contemplation forspiritual growth. Such moments will be spent alone without even acell phone. Again, I will set time for my family by spending at leasttwo hours daily with them where possible. As for my friends, I willensure that I spare time for them at least one weekend every month.Another weekend will be spent with my family to catch up, relax, andrecharge my energy.


As illustratedabove, I have planned out my future well. I recognize the fact that Ihave no ultimate control of my path in life, but this does notprevent me from planning. If all goes to my plan, then I believe thatI will be a force to reckon with in the healthcare industry in a fewyears to come. Additionally, I will have also inspired many peopleand motivated them to attain personal and career goals.


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