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Alsaihati 2

MyCommitment to Success

Havingcompleted my commitment to success essay earlier, I made severalrevisions. Thispaper summarizes and comments on the changes made and their relevanceto my academic and professional journey.

Myinitial plan involved interacting with people more and making newfriends in my class. This has helped me a lot in understanding peopleand even applying newly learned phrases during conversations. Another approach that I have adopted involves time organization. Itry my best to keep time and work with a schedule. This plan alsohelps me to organize my spoken and written English. At the end ofeach day, I analyze and relive my encounters throughout in speech andwriting. This method has had the greatest impact in writing as I cancomfortably express my ideas freely with an even richer vocabularyand also make ideas flow logically. I believe this approach gives mea big advantage in that I get to practice my English by reflecting onmy interactions that seem to vary widely. In any other case, I wouldhave trouble choosing a suitable topic to write about and put intopractice my writing. However, writing without feedback cannot help.Thus, I have enlisted a friend of mine who is a native speaker toassist me to correct my written pieces. I believe that if I continueto apply this approach now and in the future, I will be fullyproficient in my language skills.

Anotherarea of weakness that I have addressed well relates to my fears. Thefear of failure has in the past affected my confidence andself-esteem. I am currently working on enhancing my self-confidenceso that I can get to express myself freely, make mistakes, and bereceptive to correction from my friends. I believe that growing myself-esteem will not only be vital in my academic life but also as aprofessional and in my social interactions. Being confident enough tomake mistakes will allow me to be creative and try out new things inlife. I will get to live a productive, fulfilling life.

Inconclusion, I have planned to revise and evaluate my plan forsucceeding in life continually. This idea is based on my strongbelief that success is a journey and not a destination. Thus, to keepon moving, I have to keep on planning continuously.