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United States v. Greber

UnitedStates v. Greber


UnitedStates v. Greber

Theparties involved Arthur Gerber, Bill Way and various employees ofGeneral Electric. The action was brought by when Gerber was showedwhere the artifacts, therefore, making him decide to go on with hiscollection plans until a security guard at General Electric caughthim. At the district court levels, Mr. Gerber pleaded guilty. Helater objected, but after listening to his defense, he was finallyfound guilty.

In1989 Arthur Gerber bought some American Artifacts from Bill Way andcontaining information on where the artifacts were discovered. Anemployee discovered that hopeful Indian burial mound was formedmaking Gerber go back severally as he continued gathering hundreds ofartifacts. One time as Gerber was carrying out his routine, he wascaught by a security guard who chased him away. Some of the artifactswere sold at Indian relic trade show in Kentucky. However the factdoes not talk about specific articles so that we can see how muchworth the products are.

Theprecise issue being addressed by the court involve consideringArchaeological Resources Protection Act, and its benefits are wellseen since those is the wrong side of the law get to answer. I agreewith how the court has framed this issue since Gerber’s actions didnot seem to protect archaeological resources.

Gerberaccepted the charges but later denied them trying to come up with areason that would show that he was not guilty. The court, however,used his arguments to how him how guilty he was by making him have aclear understanding of Archaeological Resources Protection Actsection six section 6.