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Iuse gestures and facial expressions a lot while giving a speech thishelps capture the attention of my audience this is a major strengthfor me. From my past experiences I realized I am not that confidentwhen giving a speech. How to improve on this weakness I plan toalways remind myself that I am a good orator constantly , remindingmyself that, will instill some confidence in me such that I can givemore convincing speeches in future. Nervousness is also anotherchallenge that I have to overcome. Nervousness is brought about bythe many eyes that look at me while am addressing people.

Also,the fear of making a mistake or maybe something being wrong with mydressing brings nervousness. At times, I also get nervous for thefear of maybe the information am giving is not right or the people amaddressing are well versed with the information am giving and whenthey laugh I get even more nervous not sure whether it is thepresentation that was funny or the audience is laughing at me. I planon overcoming the nervousness by constantly practicing giving aspeech. Addressing close associates like my family anytime I have thechance since I know they cannot laugh at me instead they will try tohelp me improve where they feel or see the need for me to improve. Ialso talk fast when giving a speech. I do that so as to finish myspeech soonest possible. That however, affects the quality of myspeech because people end up not getting what I was saying. Whenpeople do not understand half your speech then it means yourpresentation was a fail (Nickels et al. 102). My plan is to berelaxed in my presentations and taking time just to breathe in andout and pause between words.


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