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University Application


Question1:PleaseDescribe How You Have Prepared For Your Intended Major, IncludingYour Readiness To Succeed In Your Upper-Division Courses Once YouEnroll At The University.

Iwish to express my interest in joining the University of Californiafor the business administration degree, specifically in Economicsmajor. My aim of taking the course is to develop my skills in thebusiness world. After I had completed high school, I joined theKorean Armed Forces. Nonetheless, I was discharged honorably after acouple of years because I sustained a severe injury in the line ofduty. Afterward, I started working at A-one Logistics Co. in Koreawhere I met different entrepreneurship enthusiasts. I was,particularly, impressed by the C.E.O because he took over theleadership of the organization when it was on the verge ofcollapsing, but he managed to turn it around to a profit-makingenterprise within less than two years. I worked closely with theadministration of the logistics company, so I discovered thatentrepreneurs operating successful businesses faced numerouschallenges that needed critical thinking to solve. I believe a degreein economics will help my wisdom in the business management todevelop a notch higher.

Similarly,I expect to face numerous challenges in my journey to achieve thecoveted qualification. However, I believe my motive to successsupersedes the obstructions on the way. Language barrier, forinstance, was once a major hindrance to my objective of studying inthe U.S. Nonetheless, I am now eloquent in both written and spokenEnglish, which I believe is one of the primary eligibility checks forthe vacancy. Second, my years in the armed forces helped me todevelop hardiness to withstand all sorts of mental and psychologicalchallenges. My previous employers also commented that I could makean excellent business executive due to my adept communication andinnovation skills.

Finally,I am looking forward to joining the course because I discovered theneed to acquire further expertise if I want to work in thecompetitive job market. I learned the lesson from my father who wasan avid entrepreneur. He attempted to expand his small start-upcompany, but it became insolvent since he lacked the intrinsicmanagement and economic know-how.


3.What would you say is your greatest talent or skill? How have youdeveloped and demonstrated that talent over time? &nbsp

Iam adroit in business networking. Since my childhood, I easily madebevies of friends within a short time. I came to learn that I amtalented in setting up connections soon after my recruitment in thearmy. My friends found it difficult to express their needs to thesenior officers, so they nominated me as their spokesperson. In casethey had a grievance such as an officer harassing them or someonewanted permission to leave the barracks, I was the go-to person.

Despitethat my deftness in communication is an inborn gift my boss at A-oneLogistics Co. helped it to grow further. He discovered that theclients I served referred new customers to the company, and with aspecial request that I provide the service personally. My superiorsdecided to investigate what attracted the customers to ask my servicein spite of having joined the organization recently. I later came todiscover that the human resource manager prepared questionnaires andrequested the clients we had served to give feedback on theirexperience. All my customers gave my service five-star rating andadmitted that they would come back in the future.

Theexcellent rating earned me an immediate promotion as the assistantmarketing manager. Besides, the company rewarded me with a voucherfor a one-week training session. In fact, I won the best performingsalesperson of the year in the logistics company. The networkingtalent is one of my essential strengths because I believe it willassist me to find a job after graduation. Moreover, it will aid inthe development of the skills I will learn during the course throughassociating with the people who reasons like me.

Ialso expect my communication skills to help me build a strong rapportwith my fellow students and instructors. Probably, I will also find apart time job to help me finance my essential needs during thecourse. Since my father’s business collapsed, he has not regainedadequate stability to finance my tuition fees therefore, I will usemy personal savings and work part time to supplement my savings.


4.Describe How You Have Taken Advantage Of A Significant EducationalOpportunity Or Worked To Overcome An Educational Barrier You HaveFaced.

Istill reminisce one night, during my time in the army, when ourcommander announced that each soldier would have to study at leastone foreign language. The declaration resulted in a fierceconfrontation between the trainees and the superiors since we thoughtthe officers wanted to punish us or just deny us time to rest andinteract with each other. Some of my colleagues did not bother toattend the evening classes where we were taught foreign languages. Iselected English, which to this day has been a cornerstone of mycareer. For example, I was employed at the A-one Logistics Co.because I was fluent in the language while my competitors could onlyspeak Korean.

Theeffort was essential because it aided me to overcome the languagebarrier after I migrated to the United States. My colleagues arguedthat they needed intensive combat training, instead of learning newlanguages, as they had signed for lifetime military service. I amglad for having used my time wisely, and I did not know I would bedischarged from the service early. Although I considered giving up onthe program at some point, I am glad that the army drills hadhardened me enough to persist with my goal even when the half-emptyglass thoughts made me feel unable to press on.

Lastly,I am delighted that I ensured to attend every training session at themilitary school. I am an excellent athlete, and my BMI is twenty-two.Although being overweight in my country is not a big issue, I havediscovered that plumpness in the United States can be one of theleading causes of ridicule. Furthermore, my mother is an excellentcook. She taught me how to prepare a broad range of foods. As aresult, I expect to have an easy time in the campus as I can alwayscook healthy diets instead of eating the junk foods offered in manyfast food outlets. Consequently, I hope I will manage to focus oneducation given that I will refrain from the toxic meals associatedwith causing various lifestyle diseases such as obesity.


6.What Have You Done To Make Your School Or Your Community A BetterPlace? &nbsp

Iwas raised by a strict and conservative father who believes thateveryone has responsibility his or her community a better place.Subsequently, I yearned to accomplish something that I could alwaysbe proud of throughout my life. Three years ago, before I migrated tothe U.S from Korea, I decided to mobilize some youths and wellwishers in my community so that we could do something memorable forthe neglected people, specifically, the homeless and some of thesurvivors of the Word War II sexual slavery victims who were wellknown as the comfort women.

Iprepared some brochures and distributed them to schools and passersbywithin our home place. My intention was to collect foodstuff,beddings, tents, clothes, and even prescription drugs that are oftenused by the aged people. I received overwhelming support from boththe citizens and the local administration. For example, the chiefexecutive of our district sent his contribution of tents and food.Furthermore, he provided us with the law enforcers who providedsecurity throughout the events. Furthermore, the police ensured thatthe beneficiaries shared the gifts in an orderly manner.

Themain problem I wanted to fix was the social stigma associated withthe former comfort women and the homeless. The dispossessedindividuals are considered lazy people who are not determined to workhard to attain success. Nonetheless, I once sheltered in anunfinished building where I found a homeless family. Out ofcuriosity, I inquired about their background and why a nuclear familywith three children and two sane parents had no permanent residence. The father recalled how his mother, a former comfort woman, wasailing from cancer. He exhausted his finances hence, resolved totake an emergency loan to cater for her medication. Unfortunately, hewas retrenched before he could repay the debt in full. The financierauctioned their home after defaulting three consecutive installments.The experience touched me, and since then I felt an urge to dosomething that would make the impoverished and socially isolatedfamilies feel appreciated.