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isrecognizedaround the world as one of the best identified and influentialtheories. The main idea behind utilitarianism is that it depends onthe effects if one`sdeeds are right or wrong morally. The distinction between theindividual actions and the types of activitiesare the most involved relevantfacts in this context. The nature of utilitarianism tends to bringout the effort of giving solutions to practical queries on whatshould a man do? Inthis case,it’s evident that the man should always perfume to putout the best significances likely.

Actutilitarianism tends to emphasize on the effects of people`sactions or deeds individually, in this case,a good example that can fit the description can be such like AbrahamLincoln’s murder by John Wilkes Booth’s. On the other hand ruleutilitarianism clearly concentrates on the types of actions and theireffects anobvious exampleis deeds like stealing and killing.

Accordingto a Cambridge philosopher known as Henry Sidgwick, he openly refusedto support the theory ofmotivation as well as the Bentham’s approach of the meaning ofmoral terms andinstead advocatedutilitarianism. By doing this,he proved that utilitarianism supports the systematic image on themorals of common sense. He also argued that many of the necessaryneeds of common sense ethics arebuilton utilitarian’s deliberations. Also,he also analyzed how utilitarianism could solve the challenges thatareassociatedfrom the discrepancies and ambiguity of common sense principles(Nathanson,2013).

However,there was a critic that as much as cases of stealing and lying wouldresult inadverseoutcomes besides the lossof trust and security. In some cases if a person lies to avoidembarrassment or when theycontherich it doesn’t mean that it will result ingood outcomes, it’s somehow allowed by . But it’sevidently clear on how they insist that continued doing of such wouldleadinloss of security and trustworthiness.

Inconclusion, the currentargument between rule and act utilitarianism gives out key issues onhow we should be able to make properrulings. Act utilitarianism insists on the individual characteristicsof situation that leadto problems atthe same time exhibiting one properprocedure fordealing with the issue individually. Utilitarianismenforces on chronic features in humans life and way through whichsuch needs come up frequently.From these assessments, we can agree that in any case, what shoulddecide whatever that is right or wrong is should be the correlationof what shapes our ethical code takes and its significant effect onour moral outlook on the height of people`swelfare.


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