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Utilizing an Education Opportunity

Utilizingan Education Opportunity

Utilizingan Education Opportunity

Educationis an essential part of one’s life since it helps with meeting setgoals. I realized this by taking advantage of significantopportunities presented by education through sitting for theplacement test and at the same time being able to overcome somebarrier on the course. The particular opportunity involved a collegepreparatory program which would help me meet university requirementsand offer me a four year sponsorship to get the bachelor degree.Through time management, consultation and overcoming the difficultiesof learning new languages and moving to the new city l managed tomeet the requirements and qualify for the tests.

Timemanagement was one of the most important skill l developed. I took itas a major factor in my daily routine. So as to make time managementeasier, I came up with a timetable on how to carry out my studies forI knew the test was not going to be easy. At the same time, thenumber of students competing was also big therefore adding morepressure thus requiring one to work smart. I took most of my freetime to my advantage and sought consultation on study areas l washaving difficulties with. Through time management and consultation Itook advantage of significant education opportunity enabling me topass my exams.

Towardsmy success l faced some barriers because l was moving to a new town.The next problem was adapting to the environment while sticking to mycourse. A lot of issues seemed different to me, and that is the newlifestyle I had to experiences as well as studying in anotherlanguage for the first time. The primary objective in mind was to getthe education despite the barriers faced which l proudly attained.

Inconclusion, my ability to take advantage of time management andconsultation helps me meet my goals as I did with my GPA. Havingovercome challenges and still compete at the highest competitionlevel makes me a perfect candidate for your university.