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Vocal Disorders




Voiceis an important part of communication for it makes expression easy.Vocal disorder is a situation that is associated with problems suchas abnormal pitch or loudness. Voice misuse, on the other hand,involves using voice improperly such as in singing loudly while voiceabuse is using the voice in a manner that damages the vocal cordssuch as screaming or yelling. Understanding how voice codes workhelps within ease in the detection of any disorder. Mostly theconditions come through vocal cords not closing well, vibrating wellor not vibrating symmetrically. The comparison of vocal disorders tomisuse or abuse brings a clear understanding of its etiology,therefore, contributing to the possibility of treatment throughpracticing good vocal behaviors as ways to overcome it (Ghasemzadeh,Khass, Arjmandi &amp Pooyan, 2015)

Hoarsenessis one of the common voice disorder. The problem is not a big deal atearly stages as compared to when it has developed for long. Thesymptoms of voice disorders are throat soreness, rough or scratchyvoice and vocal fatigue. Hoarseness is caused by voice misuses suchas lack of pitch variability as well as voice abuse which is throughscreaming or yelling, excessive use of alcohol smoking and eventhroat clearing and coughing. It is good to take medication before asituation gets worse. Most specialists tend to insist that thetreatment is based on an individual effort by one being able topractice good vocal hygiene behaviors such as drinking water,avoiding loud, dry or smoky environments, avoid screaming as well ascaffeine and alcohol at points too pushing your voice thus strainingit. Overcoming the disorder of hoarseness is possible if one keeps inmind the importance of voice also the good behaviors to be observed(Rubin,Sataloff &amp Korovin, 2014).

Tosum it all up, it is evident how voice disorders compares to vocalmisuse or abuse with regard to the numerous causes that bring aboutthe problem. The main goal is to determine ways in which good vocalscan be practiced in the easiest ways possible.


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