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Volunteer Teams




InChurch, every individual has a contribution to make regardless of hisor her age, interest or level of skills. It does not take long forleaders to realize the need of having volunteers. Several activitiesthat help in creating volunteers team needed in church, which are thelist of activities to be carried out, the time required for theircompletion as well as the workforce needed to run activities of thechurch smoothly. Volunteer teams can be created based on gifts,talents, and the abilities of the individuals (McMillon, Cutchins, &ampGeissinger, 2012). Offering small gifts to volunteers is a way ofshowing recognition it is therefore a small act used to appreciatevolunteers in a church. For instance, offering of gifts to volunteersis an expression of gratitude this intends to bless individuals whofaithfully serve in the church. Recognition of volunteers should bean initiative aimed at having volunteers engaged and making them feelvalued in the team.

Additionally,volunteer teams can be developed in church using talents (McMillon,Cutchins, &amp Geissinger, 2012). Leaders bestowed with theauthority of developing volunteer teams in church will be required tounderstand talents of some of the individuals volunteering. This isimportant as it will ensure members are given duties they enjoydoing, thus motivating them. For instance, members with the talent ofsinging may be given the responsibility of training different choirsin church. Lastly, as a leader, one should develop volunteer teamsbased on the abilities of the individuals (McMillon, Cutchins, &ampGeissinger, 2012). Leaders need to assess the abilities of theindividuals volunteering this will help in ensuring appropriatedelegation of tasks to members with the ability of completing thegiven tasks as required. Leaders should also acknowledge volunteersby giving proper guidance to the individuals.

Inconclusion, development of volunteer teams in a church can be donebased on gifts, talents as well as the abilities of the individuals.A small gift to volunteers is a way of showing appreciation.Developing individuals based on their abilities also helps inmotivating the individuals as they perform tasks they enjoy doing.


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