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Myconsidered opinion is that should give better benefits andincrease their employees’ wages. The company should focus more onoffering competitive pay to its workers, heath care benefits, moretraining, bonus opportunities, discounts on its merchandise, and anopportunity for employees to move up the promotion ladder.

is among the largest U.S private employer with around 1.4 millionemployees. Increase in wages, free short-term disability to full-timeworkers, and allowing workers to accrue paid time off will not onlyhelp these employees but also the company itself. has formany years being criticized by labor groups for mistreatment of itsemployees, mainly through poor pays. Increasing the wage to about $15for every hour worked will help clear its tarnished public image(Barnett36).The raise would also be beneficial to the employees who previouslyreceived low wages compared to their work efforts. It will make themhappy, which will see them offer quality service to all customers whoenter any shopping outlet. faces competition fortalent from other retail companies like Target and Amazon. Offeringof poor services or mistreating their employees’ means isrisking losing its talents to Target or Amazon. Therefore, it needsto maintain its employees by keeping them motivated, by making themsee as a place of opportunities, where hard work is fullycompensated and employees can go as far as they want (Hausmanand Ephraim 57).In contrast, low wages will demoralize them, make them offer poorservices to the customers, and the end loser will be , ascustomers will run to Target or Amazon in search of better services.Additionally, other retail sectors are increasing their employees`wages, and if does not increase its wages, the beneficiarieswill be Gap and Ikea. Therefore, needs to eliminate thetalent competition by increasing the wages for its workers andoffering better benefits.

Healthcare benefits and discount on merchandise for workers will help themcare more about and committed towards the attainment of itsgoals and objectives. Improved training for the entry-level workerswill see the employees improve their communication skills, customerservice, and merchandising. The benefit derived from this action willsee a reduction in employees` complaints. Instead, the workers willfocus on their individual production as the improved benefits andwages will create an environment where people are willing to work at. The changes will also see improved customer service, abenefit that will help in boosting the company’s sales. Employeesenjoy working in a place that guarantees them their financialprotection. They avoid taking sick leaves, fearing the companies willhire someone else as a replacement. I think needs to assuretheir employees that they are financially protected, by improving theshort-term disability program. The employees will also benefit from asimplified paid time off policy. These benefits will make employeesfeel secure even when they are away from work due to injuries orillness. The company also needs to realize that helping theiremployees grow through increased wages and improved benefits helpsthe company grow as well. Increased sales due to increased engagementscores between customers and employees result to increased profitlevels, which is the main aim of the company.

Ibelieve that if improves its benefits and offer $15 per hourto its employees, the company will see a difference. The employeeswill be motivated to be fast and friendly to the customers. Stresslevels for many employees will reduce, as many have families to lookafter. I believe the profit of around $120 billion, which makes in a fiscal year, is enough to increase the wages and improveemployees’ benefits. The company only needs to improve the wagesslowly to avoid losses, which may come in due to gradual operationalchanges. The company also has to avoid any conflicts during theimplementation period. It needs to consider the needs of oldemployees as well as those of the new employees. also has toacknowledge experience differences among its employees. I do notbelieve that new employees need to get equal payment to that of olderemployees. The reason being, the old employee, will feel left out,even with his or her high experience compared to the new entryemployee. should ensure equality by putting intoconsideration the experience of each employee. The executives in thecompany should take into consideration that satisfaction of theirworkers is about not only what they take home in their paychecks, butalso what the co-workers are taking home too. The changes need toreflect on all men and women working in the company to ensure totalsatisfaction (Brownet al. 50).

Theabove explanations are evident that I support an increase in wages,improved health care benefits, simple short-term liability policies,and improved training for all workers. This is to make themhappy and to boost their morale, to help the company achieve itsgoals. Other retail companies like McDonald`s are increasing theiremployees` wages, a major reason why need to increase itswages as well to avoid losing its talents to the competing companies(Hausmanand Ephraim 77).It also needs to improve its benefits to improve the engagement scorebetween customers and employees, which is essential for sale andprofit increase. However, needs to increase its wages equallyto promote good working relation between the old and the newemployees.


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