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Week 12 Discussion

Week12 Discussion


One of the most important factors in public health nursing is theprevention of illnesses. The main purpose of medicine revolves aroundthe promotion of health and restoration of health when it isimpaired. Moreover it aims at minimizing suffering and distresses.There are various levels of prevention. Primary prevention averts theonset of infection by reducing the risks. To ensure minimal risks ofcontagion, it involves the alteration of behavior that can lead toinfections (AFMC, 2016). This involve enhancing resistance to theimpacts of being exposed to the disease agent. These interventionsare therefore applied before prior to any signs and evidence ofdisease or injury.

Secondary prevention on the other hand involves the process ofdetecting and providing treatments for pre-clinical changes (Kottkeetal., 2015). These in turn deal control disease progressionsappropriately. One procedure that features extensively in this typeof prevention is screening of the patients. This is accomplishedthrough processes such as mammography. Tertiary prevention refers tothe frameworks that have been put in place to arrest the progress ofillnesses (Salama, 2011). Additionally, it involves the interventionsaimed at controlling the negative consequences of diseases and reducesuffering necessitated by the existing variations from good health.Finally, tertiary prevention ensures that the patient’s adjustmentsto irremediable condition are promoted (Cook, 2014).


This section of the paper provides a response to a post by Student#3.He has provided a brief and effective introduction for thediscussion. By providing a citation for the paper and the specificpage number, one can easily access the page and read on mentalhealth. Additionally, a wider scope of those at risk of the diseasehas also been discussed in the paper. The latter part of the paperprovides a connection between a public health nurse and the requiredintervention.


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