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Mylife experiences have taught me the importance of having effectivecommunication and interpersonal skills. I have been able to standfirm for what I believe in regardless of the circumstance surroundingit. I have also learned that challenges are there to overcomeregardless of one’s background. I have been exposed to people ofdifferent ranks, become a leader of our football team and volunteeredwithin the community and USAFA. It is these array of attributes,life experiences and unique perspectives which I have acquiredthroughout my life that I look forward to sharing with the classroom,student body and the Academy as a whole if accepted into USAFA.

Beingenlisted exposed me to the rank structure and as a result, I havebeen able to interact with people at different administrativepositions. This will have impacts on the classroom because I will beable to explain what serving at the lowest level means. Additionally,engaging with class commanders and instructors will help me creategood relations with them for effective learning hence making it easyto absorb what is being taught and relate it to daily classexperience. Lastly through my life experience and unique perspective,I will be able to maintain a positive attitude throughout theacademy, and this will help foster teamwork in the classroom.

Asa captain of a football team and as a PTL, I learned how to motivatemy team members. For example, during physical trainings, I used toencourage the student body to put forth their best effort. This willpositively impact the student body because it will help boost theirmorale and motivate them. Additionally, I am very persuasive and knowhow to get things done, and this means that if something needs to getdone, I am in a position to rally the student body and ensure thatthe task is accomplished. I will use my leadership qualities toadvocate for friendship and inclusiveness because this will helpbuild a firm foundation of trust and Airmanship.

Ihave always had a sense of pride for where I came from and for beinga cadet. Additionally, being enlisted has opened my eyes to severalopportunities in the air force academy and the community as a whole.As a result, I will work hard and make use of available opportunitieswithin and beyond the academy. Volunteering within the community andUSAFA encouraged me to help others because I came to understand someof the challenges that people face in their lives hence contribute toboosting the academy’s image.


Severalattributes, life experiences and unique perspectives have had a lotof positive impacts on the classroom, student body and the Academy asa whole. I have learned to put service before self and producingexcellence in everything. Additionally, I can comfortably say thatlife experiences have enabled me to be a quick problem solver. Allthese qualities I will use to improve the classroom, student body andthe Academy as a whole.