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Why Gay marriage should be legalized


Why Gay marriageshould be legalized

Introduction: Blaise Pascal once said, “The heart has itsreasons which reason knows not.” I am sure that every one of youhas ever loved something or someone, but you could not explain thereason for doing so.

Thesis statement: This paper argues that gay marriage should belegalized because the constitution guarantees fair treatment of allpeople before the law, no one is harmed when two homosexuals marryeach other and religion does not dictate what the law should allow orforbid.

Let us begin by exploring three reasons why gay marriage should belegalized.

  1. The constitution provides for many liberties that aim at helping people achieve their aspirations irrespective of their sexual orientation, age, sex, the level of education, and economic status(Barber, 2013). One way to be happy is through meeting a person who loves and adore you. As such, if heterosexuals are allowed to choose who to marry, why deny the homosexuals this opportunity? The fundamental component of marriage is love and not the couple’s sexual orientation.

  2. No one is harmed if homosexual marriages are legalized. Provided the gays and lesbians abide by the set rules of behavior such as desisting from engaging in sex in public places, their marriage does not harm the society. Also, gays and lesbians do not force anyone into joining them(Kelland, 2012).

  3. Religion and the state are two different entities. One of the arguments held by people who oppose the same-sex marriage is that all the main religions forbid it. All religions view homosexuals as sinners. However, America is a secular country as such, a particular group of people cannot impose fines on other individuals who fail to follow the provisions of their religion. For example, no single Christian has ever been forced to pay fines for going to work on the Sabbath even if the Bible forbids it (Kelland, 2012).

After discussing the arguments in support of gay marriage, we willgo ahead and explore the assertions that have been put forward as towhy people of the same sex should not be allowed to marry each other.


  1. Legalizing gay marriage jeopardizes the institution of the family. Traditionally, a family comprises of a father and a mother, and each one of them plays a pivotal role in the proper development of a child both financially, emotionally, socially, and cognitively(Normadin, 2011). In rebuttal, we have families with one parent and others without children.

  2. All religions such as Christianity, Hinduism, and Islam oppose gay marriage. Each of these religions’ idea of marriage is that only a man and a woman should be allowed to marry. Besides, according tothe Family Research Council (2011), marriage was ordained by God during the creation story when He commanded Adam and Eve to multiply and fill the world. On the other hand, Christianity also forbids divorce and separation, yet no law has outlawed the two.

  3. Gay marriages go contrary to the natural law. According to the natural law, &quotgood is to be pursued while evil is to be avoided” (“10 reasons why homosexual “marriage” is harmful and must be opposed,” 2015). However, the natural law accepts things that have the greatest reward and the least amount of harm. Gay marriages help homosexuals achieve happiness, yet they do not hurt anyone in their pursuit of pleasure.

Let us now discuss the way forward on the issue of whether or notgay marriage should be legalized.

  1. If gay marriage is legalized, the rate of divorce will go down. This is because there are a large number of people who are not contented by their heterosexual marriages because they are gays or lesbian. Besides, already gay marriages are a reality only that homosexuals hide their existence to avoid being charged in a court of law.

  2. The society should try as much as possible to separate the state from the religion. This means that the state should not be manipulated by people whose religions agree or oppose certain issues when deciding which actions to forbid or allow. Imagine that today the government says that no business will be opened on Sundays as a way of respecting the Biblical command of keeping the Sabbath day holy. Would you support such a move by the government?

Conclusion: Constitution exists to ensure that all people aretreated equally before the law. Besides, secular countries allow thefreedom of worship hence the religious perspective of particularpeople cannot be forced on others. Also, homosexual marriages do nothurt the heterosexuals. Besides, it is only the heart thatunderstands love hence it should be left to decide who a personshould marry.


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