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Why I am Unique

WhyI am Unique

Ibelieve that everyone is unique in his or her way. One could behaving unique leadership qualities, social skills, and orintelligence. When Charles Darwin in his theory of evolutionsuggested that that nature only favors the strongest, it is evidentthat he was referring to these unique attributes that distinguish usfrom the rest of the population. Only those with good attributes ortraits are assured of the best in life. Some of my unique qualitiesthat I will contribute to the campus include the ability to work as ateam and with minimal supervision and effective interpersonal andcommunication skills.


Oneof my unique qualities is the ability to work with others as a team.I understand that there is unity in strength and even though criticsoften say that friends mislead, I believe that if one chooses theright one, he or she may have the best life experience anywhere. Mypersonal take on teamwork is that it allows people to merge ideas andcome up with a super and an improved one. Additionally, peopleworking as a team also develop mutual relationships, and this helpsin building a good working environment. Lastly, I believe thatworking as a team gives a sense of belonging. As a campus student, Iwill use this unique attribute to promote unity and teamwork amongstudents and teachers.

Anotherone of my unique qualities that I will be contributing to the campuscommunity is the ability to work with minimal or no supervision. Manypeople, especially students usually thrive in their activities whenthere is someone tasked with monitoring their activities. Unlike manyof them, when entrusted to do something, I usually set my goals andobjectives and channel all my energy to ensure that I deliver qualitywork within the stipulated time. This strategy helps keep my mind andenergy focused on my job, and as a result, I often do not need anyexternal influence to complete whatever I was tasked to do. As acampus student, I am looking forward to guiding my fellow studentscame up with life plans which they will be motivated to attain withminimal supervision.

Additionally,by interacting with other people, I have been able to develop mypersonal and intercommunication skills, and this will be crucialduring my stay in campus. I have interacted with people fromdifferent ranks, religious backgrounds, and cultures. I cancomfortably say that I am a good negotiator and a risk taker. I amalso very assertive, and I like communicating progressive values,ideas, and beliefs. I often base my arguments on facts and only useopinion when it is necessary. I also understand that to command anaudience one has to be a good listener and one way of achieving thisis by knowing how to communicate with others eloquently (Erozkan,2013). My interaction with people above my ranks and senior people inmy neighborhood equipped me with adequate listening skills. I intendto use these skills when associating with my fellow students andteachers so as to have good relations with them.


Throughoutmy life, I have always relied on my unique qualities such as theability to work as a team with others and with minimal supervisionand effective interpersonal and communication skills to achieve mydreams. Although situations often change and at times life maythrough a huge obstacle, I will always use my problem-solving skillsto make the best out of every situation.


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