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Why I want to be an Engineer


WhyI want to be an Engineer

WhyI want to be an Engineer

Engineeringis without doubt one of the most fascinating professions in theworld. This is not only because of the amazing work that engineersdo, but also because of the impact that these works have on the livesof people who are directly or indirectly associated with them.Ideally, the term engineering refers to the act of making thingshappen. In a very basic sense, an engineer is a professionallytrained individual who practically applies the science andmathematics learnt in class in the quest of finding solutions to thenumerous problems facing humanity today. These problems might be inform of infrastructure, automotive locomotion, and technology amongothers.

Longtime ago, most people viewed this profession as a field where peoplespend all their lives trying to build the most sophisticated bridges,towers and structures. This has since changed and engineering todayis viewed as a noble discipline that is greatly contributing towardsmaking the world a better place for not only human beings, but alsofor all other units of life. This is exhibited in the way engineersfrom all over the world are striving to create technologies andproducts that have a similar objective of making life easier. Theseproducts are in turn opening up opportunities for a lot of people interms of creation of new jobs. More so, they are setting basis formore discoveries that will further impact livelihoods.

Thereare more than a million reasons why engineering is a profession thatis so dear to my heart. One of the most obvious ones is the fact thatthis career gives me an opportunity to use my creativity for a goodcourse. As mentioned above, the main objective of all engineersacross the world is to help find solutions to different human needsand problems. Apparently, most of these solutions are always found onindividual brilliance and imagination. The reason why we havejaw-dropping skyscraper or airplanes that can fly for miles withoutstopping is because some engineers took on the challenge of thinkingbeyond the ordinary. In fact, such life changing discoveries arebound to continue since creativity has no limits.

Theneed for creative thinking also implies that one can never get boredof being an engineer. The needs and desires of people across theworld keep on changing every other day. Ideally, this implies thatengineers face the challenge of finding new solutions that are tailormade for each of the needs. Perhaps this explains why every projectin this field is always unique with its own set of challenges andopportunities. Critical thinking has to be applied to every stepespecially now that we live in a fast moving environmentcharacterized by ever changing technology.

Asa course, engineering has plenty of career opportunities thusengineers are highly trained professional. More so, the field ofengineering is very broad meaning trainees have the advantage ofspecializing in industries where their passion lies. Not only does itend at the numerous career opportunities, there is also promisingcareer prospect. Undoubtedly engineering is one of the exceptionallyfew professions where the career path is very clear for students tosee.

Inconclusion, therefore, the pros of engineering clearly outweigh thecons. I particularly love this profession because it literallyrevolves around almost every aspect of our lives. Every industry outthere is somewhat supported by engineering whether in terms ofinfrastructure, machinery or personnel support. To me, this is morethan satisfying to be associated with such a profession.