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Why is Paul not friends with Philip?

Whyis Paul not friends with Philip?

Themain reason why Paul does not like Philip is because of the love hehad for Philip Bentley’s wife. The Bentleys were new to Horizontown, and they harbored an intense disliking for the place. Thisdislike affected the Bentley’s lives in such a manner as to hampertheir creative efforts and social intercourse. With regard to Philip,his artistic activities were hampered while Mrs. Bentley’s musicalactivities were also hampered. Therefore, it could easily be saidPaul disliked Philip due to his temperament and his odd behavior.

However,this is not the case since the story plot reveals that Paul admiresPhilip’s work, whereby he not only actively discusses Philip’swork , but is further empathetic about his entrapment within theministry [ CITATION Mit88 l 1033 ].Therefore, Paul’s major source of dislike for Philip derived fromthe love that he had for the latter’s wife. Inthe end though it seems that Paul’s efforts bring the Bentleyscloser.


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