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Why is Paul not friends with Phillip?

Whyis Paul not friends with Phillip?



Thenarrative, As for Me and My House, depicts Mrs. Bentley’s memoriesof activities that occurred in Canada during the Great Depression. Itillustrates a recount of events regarding a preacher within a smalltown and his wife who lived in a local community. It also portraysthe perspective of an individual who attempts to keep it all togetherin the face of economic and social fluctuations. The main charactersin the story include Mrs. Bentley’s husband Phillip, a schoolteacher Paul, choir girl in the church Judith and an abandoned child,Steve (Bentley, 2004). The town entails the fourth city to whichPhillip has been moved to as a Minister. However, the callinginvolves facing the community’s stereotypes as the people wouldmonitor their activities. These incidents contributed to Bentleyputting on a false font to give the town’s people an impressionthat they were traditional Christians.

Theauthor indicates that Mrs. Bentley’s relationship to Phillip hasgrown into a roommate engagement and after being married for twelveyears, she recalls events regarding how Phillip became a minister.However, Mrs. Bentley’s withdrawal from the community’sactivities is interrupted by Paul Kirby through his regular visitsfor dinner. Nevertheless, Paul manages to captivate their fascinationthrough activities that revamp the sad situation in Bentley’slives. Besides, Paul brings on board another character, SteveKulanich, who was abandoned by his reckless father. Eventually, theBentleys warm-up to Steve and adopt him, thus initiating an elevationof feelings from Phillip who manages to drop off the depressedspiritual depression as well as mental confusion (Bentley, 2004).However, these activities last temporary in that a few months later,priests from the Catholic Church laid claim of the boy based on moralstandards and enrolled him to their orphanage. The incidentsdevastate Bentley’s spiritual health to an extent where itdeteriorates to Mrs. Bentley becomes physically ill. These activitieslead to the Bentley’s disregarding Paul as a friend to an extentwhere they issue of infidelity and hypocrisy emerge (Bentley, 2004).


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