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Winter Dance



Theshow began with the Santa’s workshop. Mr. Claus and his happy teamof elves had in store lots of exciting entertainment for thefamilies. There were face painting, puppet shows and a plethora ofcarnival entertainment at our disposal. Santa Claus and his helpermet and talked to every child present and had a little something foreach of them. The environment was set to be relaxing enough for thechildren, for example, the carnival rides were set at a slower andmore quiet paces. The lighting was set to just the perfectbrilliance with warm colors. I liked all the costumes on this setespecially Mr. Claus’ and the elves.

Themarionettes, toy soldiers, dancing dolls, and the happy elves thatwere aiding Santa, proceeded to take us through the night beforeChristmas and the morning after. They did all this from a child’spoint of view. Many events take place up to when the children wake upthe “morning after” to find gifts swathed and positioned underthe Christmas tree. Just like on Christmas! The sounds in this setwere what I found most interesting. The sounds changed according towhat was taking place e.g. when the elves were sneaking or when thetoys were leaping.

Therewere also bands present with soothing music and mostly Christmascarols. The Christmas carols were mostly our favorites from Disneyand the Trans- Siberian Orchestra. The music bands present were likeBela Fleck and Glenn Miller. The lighting was effective especiallythe spotlight in bringing out the characters playing on stage.

Iparticularly liked the dance students choreograph and performoriginal pieces with unique stories and styles.

Ingeneral, the play amused me regarding its production. It was toythemed but enticed people of all ages altogether. There was even aphoto session with the children’s favorite toy characters. What wasnot to love about this event?!