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Women in international business

Womenin international business

Womenin international business

Womenhave, persistently, fought their way in the male-dominatedinternational business over the years. Women account for 46 percentof the managerial and professional jobs and comprise of only 6percent of the expatriate workforce[ CITATION Col12 l 1033 ].The essay focuses on Indra Nooyi, the chairperson and the CEO ofPepsiCo, and how she has managed to emerge powerfully in theinternational business.


Asthe Chief Executive Officer of PepsiCo, Indra Nooyi has been named asone of the most influential and powerful businesswomen, by theForbes. Her excellent performance has earned the company reputationas the leading food and beverage manufacturer in the world. Since2006, after taking the role of CEO, she has carried out variousbusiness strategies such as partnerships, acquisitions, and mergerswith the aim of sustained growth and performance[ CITATION Use08 l 1033 ].Overthe years, women have been discriminated, and their leadershipqualities questioned. However, Nooyi has overcome all odds andmisconception about women worked and taken part in foreignassignments, successfully.

Despitethe current challenges facing women in the international business,Nooyi has represented PepsiCo on an international level, servingvarious positions in the company. She has been among the topmanagement team that has brought huge global sales, thus increasingPepsiCo revenue. Besides being the head of PepsiCo, Nooyi holds otherleadership positions such as a member of the boards of the UnitedStates-Indian Business Council and the U.S. Indian CEO Forum, amongothers[ CITATION Col12 l 1033 ].


Someof the common international business concerns among women areharassment and gender discrimination. Most international corporationsare wary about sending women representatives to foreign nationsbecause of the male dominated cultures such as the Middle East andAsia. Like Nooyi, women need to overcome all hurdles and have anactive participation in the international business.


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