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Women Studies

Reproductionof labor power in capitalism depends on women to transformcommodities to sustenance for the workers. Every capitalism systemcannot generate surplus without women. Women are the most common inthe marketplace selling commodities especially foods to other people.They also have sexually affective duties like giving birth and takingcare of children. However, women do not get access to the surplusbecause of their gender dependence on males.

Womenhave both been empowered and disempowered by capitalism. The havebeen empowered in the sense that their surplus production abilitiesare increased but they are also disempowered because of thedecreased magnitude of value they have access to. Women are notallowed to own property in many areas. For example, they can workvery hard in the farms but they are not allowed to own the farms ifthey are married.

Accordingto Freud, a woman is gender role that receives passively and addsnothing of their own. Freud views women as disadvantaged and statesthat there is a stage in their psycho-sexual development that theydevote most of their affections to their father, especially afterthey learn that they do not have a penis, for which they hold theirmothers responsible. According to Rubin woman is socially inferior inher relations to man and this is primarily due to her financialdependence on the man. The dependence is caused by the amount of timeboth genders spend in productive work vs with nurturing work.Nurturing work has put the woman at a disadvantage productive wiseand she does not get access to the surplus she produces. I chooseRubin’s definition because the work of a woman mainly nurturingtaking care of the husband and children.

Accordingto Fraser, struggles for the social welfare of women should and willget more severe in the following decades. Having women depend onsocial welfare but not men helps create the idea of masculinity andfeminist with regard to economic power. I agree with Fraser becausewhen women are united in social welfares, they are able to producemore economically and they no longer rely on men. The unity alsogives them power and feel that they can compete with me this resultsin a masculinity vs feminist competition.

Accordingto MacKinnon, sociality is about power. The power game between thetwo genders is economic. To balance the power, the two genders wouldhave to agree on a fair policy that equalizes economic potential fromboth ends. This would mean having the man do as much nurturing workas a woman and woman as much productive work as man.


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