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Work Report in Software Engineering

WorkReport in Software Engineering

WorkReport on Software Engineering


Iworked on a web applications and computer application that input,processes and generates reports regarding pharmaceutical prices basedon the amount of sales of each prescription. The applications aretailor-made for pharmaceutical firms so as to be handled by onlytrained officers in the pharmacy depending on which department eachemployee works. The data is fed on the web or the platform by thosein the procurement department once products are received into thestore, then those on the selling point feed what they are selling,and the cashier confirms and approves the sale and accepts cash. Theaccountant accesses the platform to track sales and purchases togenerate financial reports the financial officer formulates thebudget on the platform based on the financial report produced. TheHuman Resources Department alert the payment of salaries, HR reportsand appraisal reports to the workers through the software, while thedirector of procurement accesses the site to track and generate thereports of what has been acquired, sold and that which needs to beprocured. The site also has been fed with the reorder level of everyproduct such that once the product has been sold to the requiredminimum the site alerts every officer that such and such drugs aredepleted.

Ireview the apps regularly so as to ensure that the site is adaptiveto the dynamic environment in the ICT industry as the world is movingfast then has been anticipated in this sector and before long anapplication becomes obsolete demanding for another. I am alsoresponsible for maintaining the web applications, improving themwhere needed and aligning them with the current world. Managingincludes adding new features and also replacing some feature with newones were in line with the demands of the industry or the firm. Thesoftware is connected to a single database where it is only thecompany directors who have full rights to access all the sectors soas to analyze the reports and reconcile them with the actual activityof the departments. I designed the apps in a way that every officerhas a right to access only the sector in which one functions and theglobal intranet segment of the application. The public ones arespecially made Outlook, Human Resource Information System (HRIS), andSAP.

Inreview or maintaining the applications, the tasks involve conductingresearch and re-writing the program afresh so as to reorganize themas may be required to meet the demands of the firm. The skills I useto do that are Microsoft technologies for software developmentlifecycle which include Ms SQL-Server, Microsoft Reporting services(SSRS), ASP.NET, Ms Entity Framework, XML, and c#. I thank thecourses that I have been equipped with from class work and have beeninstrumental in making this task a success.

Hereare those units of study that I used to formulate the software.

  1. Web Application Programming Course

Thecourse has been profitable in making the formulation of the softwarea success thanks to its intensive and extensive learning materialthat covered a broad scope of skills on JavaScript, HTML, and CSS(Wohli and Aurum, 2015). Those units’ studies gave the impetus toinstigate the formation of the software on my own with negligibleassistance from the staff in the company which sought my consultancyservices. My web software development firm is a medium sized one, andmany of the stakeholders doubted that my team could deliver therequired product which could meet their needs and demands. However,the confidence in me could not allow myself to be deterred as I feltthat I was well equipped with the required technological skills forthe task. True to my intense feeling, my presentation had asignificant impact on the shareholders and the stakeholders who wereto use the software to ease their work, as the product was deliveredwithin the timeframe that we set. However, there lacks no challengein the formation of software as the greatest problem I encounteredwas with JavaScript and the solution I felt feasible would notovercome. I later remembered of a study that provided workablesolutions for JavaScript issues, and on reviewing the material, thesolution was found after a short discussion with the team leader(Sempolinski et al., 2015). All thanks to the professors in thesector who were of great help in the task.

  1. Algorithms Course

Thealgorithm is used to fasten the work one is doing, and how fast it isdetermined the speed at which the task is accomplished. It is asimple issue that if taken into consideration could raise performanceand if neglected could derail development and ultimately reject theproject. I ran a time of algorithm to enhance performance. It is easyto have an algorithm, but the effectiveness of it depends on where itis run and the details of implementation, and the speed of itdetermines the efficiency to solve the problem. Integers representthe input and C is a constant which doesn`t change even with the sizeof the data. Therefore, it will take a period if CN2 seconds to runan algorithm implementation with a run-time proportional to N2(Sempolinski et al., 2015). The algorithm can be redesigned to reducethe run time of application.

  1. Modern Programming Practices Course

Thatcourse made me understand in detail the object oriented content in asmuch practice as possible and methods. The foundation of OOP conceptwas one of the key content in JavaScript, which in my work the codeshave been collapsed into many categories. At the interface level,high abstraction of the system is allowed and is used for webapplication layering in design (Khaddam et al., 2015). Finally, theinheritance is used in the re-writing repetitive code in the parentclass.

  1. Advanced Software Development

ObserverPattern was used in decoupling functions for an old program that wasa problem to maintain. That makes it loose for easy addition orupdating of features which would not make the applicationnon-functional. That has been made possible by loosening the parts ofthe software and making them less dependent on each other.Model-view-controller architecture was instrumental while working onthe website as it helped in separating the domain, presentation, andactions of the user input. It further plays a vital role inorganizing tiers of a complex distributed system (Wohlin and Aurum,2013). Singleton Pattern was used in building modules that simplifythe structure of the software applications so that they areoperationally efficient particularly when just one instance of theprimary subject is needed to function. The concept conserves theconventional class approach which was a much required competitiveadvantage in the case at hand. At the workplace, the pattern wasrecommended for use in re-writing a raft of various functionalitiesof the application program.

Inconclusion, class work was instrumental in making the development ofthis software application a success. The knowledge acquired in classcoupled with the passion and significance I attach to the professionwas the pillars that made me have the impetus to make it. In softwareengineering and actual development require a lot of reading materialso as to be able to offer solutions from the possible frontedsolutions given. They were very helpful as they offered the solutionwhen the problem of JavaScript occurred. Thanks to the professors forthe knowledge they imparted to me and have not gone to waste on thistask.


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