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  1. “We real cool” is a short poem, and every word within it gives tremendous detail to the poem, and further highlight the themes of youth, music and pool players. These themes are presented via various literal devices such as imagery and symbolism. For example, Brooks denotes a contrast between authority figures and polite society as represented by words such as ”fragrant” and “non-controversial, and the rebellion of the boys who “jazz” the month up. The theme of music is also quite evident in the poem, as shown by the extensive use of alliteration, for example “Jazz June” and “sing sin”.

The main theme of Parker’s poem on the other hand is suicide. Alllines except for the last one highlight different methods one coulduse to commit suicide. Irony is one stylistic device used to presentthe theme of suicide, whereby the speaker intends to convince thereader or audience against suicide by highlighting the cons of thevarious suicidal methods.

  1. Both Walt Whitman and Emily Dickson in their essays mentioned by the student have locomotives as their primary subject. However, Dickson examines the train with a tone of apprehension, while Whitman gleefully embraces the new technology, seeing it as a hope for the future of technology and the world.

  2. The author is correct in observing that both poets use imagery to demonstrate the phenomenon of youth, and just how fleeting it is. An example from Herrick’s poem is derived from line 2, where he compares youth with flowers. Brooks on the other hand uses the word “golden” to symbolize youth and summer.

  3. It is quite understandable why an in-depth comprehension of the structure of the Milky Way since it is difficult to obtain a broad view from within the galaxy. What is apparent is that the galaxy is a spiral galaxy. The current method used to detail the shape of the galaxy is the Very Long Baseline Array (VLBA). This method comprises a series of 10 radio telescopes that span the globe from the Virgin Islands to New England to Hawaii. The researchers involved in this mapping look out for masers, which are naturally occurring sources of laser-like radio waves emanating from clouds of gas near luminous stars. The Milky Way Galaxy has been shown to be approximately 80,000 light years across in diameter, and the sun’s position is placed about two-thirds of the way from the center to the edge [CITATION See16 p 327 l 1033 ]. The sun, and in effect, the solar system is located within one of the minor spiral arms of the galaxy, Orion Spur of Orion Arm.

  4. The author has quite correctly identified the fact that humans are still yet to accomplish mapping of the galaxy due to the inability to have a broad view of the galaxy. Our location within the galaxy, and the sheer size of the Milky Way, have prevented extensive examination of the Milky Way’s structure. The author has additionally correctly identified the location of the Sun as within the Orion Arm, and 25,000 light years away from the center of the galaxy.

  5. While the author has correctly identified the location of the sun in the galaxy, they have also identified one of the main problems preventing mapping of the Milky Way: its gigantic size. The author should have been more specific as to the technologies used in mapping the Milky Way, for example, the Very Long Baseline Array (VLBA).

  6. One of my favorite films is Memento, a neo-noir film that has a non-linear timeline. The film actually has the main plot and a sub-plot. The latter is presented in monochrome and a chronological order while the main plot is presented in color, though with a reverse order sequence. This unique non-linear and fragmented structure is comparable to non-linear narratives used in literature to gradually reveal relationships among characters. This structure is additionally useful in the film as it helps compliment the medical condition of the protagonist. The character and role played by the protagonist is vital to the film since his condition dictates the progress of the narrative and film. The editing of the film as well as the reverse narrative mirror the protagonist’s life, which is disorderly and fractured as a result of his short term memory loss.

  7. The author has correctly identified their favorite film as Oklahoma and further identified the reason as to why it is her favorite film. However, she has not expressly demonstrated a literary and theatric analysis of the film.


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