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World War II

WorldWar II

TheCauses and Impacts of the

WorldWar II (WWII) refers to a global war that was fought between 1939 and1945. The war was fought between two big conflicting forces: 1) theAllies comprising the USA, Britain, USSR, Canada, Australia, China,and France and 2) Axis comprising of Japan, Germany, and Italy.

Causesof WWII

Theoutbreak of WWII was sparked by both immediate and long-termsociopolitical and economic causes. First, the war was caused by thefailures of the League of Nations. Many people claim that WWII was acontinuation of World War I which came to an end in 1918. When theLeague of Nations was established, it was mandated to prevent theoccurrence of another world war. This was to be done throughdisarmament, diplomacy, negotiations, collective security, and theimprovement of international affairs. WWII became inevitable becauseof the ineffective manner in which these strategies were implemented.

Secondly,WWII was caused by the ideological differences between thecapitalists and the communists. During the 20thcentury, there were concerns over the rapid expansion of communistideologies advanced by Germany, Hungary, Georgia, USSR, Armenia,Azerbaijan, and Bavaria. Many pro-capitalist nations such as Britain,Canada, and the USA were fearful because the spread of communismwould introduce radicalism that would kill capitalism. Therefore, tocontrol the expansion of communism, people had to fight (Wright,2007). This justifies why the war was fought between the powers ofthe capitalist and communist ideologies.

Thirdly,WWII broke out because of militarism. During this period, countrieswere concerned about the expansion of their military prowess. Astrong country would be acknowledged by its military expansionistpowers. So, to outdo one another, different countries decided toacquire weapons and expand their military. The countries struggled toexpand their military coverage therefore, more tension increased inthe world. War had to occur because countries like Italy, Germany,and Japan could not tolerate one another.

Moreover,WWII was attributed to the failures of the Treaty of Versailles insatisfying Germany. As a nation, Germany was furious over thepunishments imposed on her when she was declared to be solelyresponsible for the outbreak of World War I. Apart from losing partof its territories Germany had to bear the financial burden of thewar. The government of Germany had to initiate another global warbecause it was necessary to do so. The Nazi Regime felt that winninganother world war would make Germany a great world power once more(Wright, 2007).

Lastly,WWII was caused by economic factors. Many countries went to warbecause of the need to have control over resources like minerals andoil deposits. For example, Japan and Russia engaged in a war becausethey did not agree on the control of oil deposits at Sakhalin Island.It is for this reason why the countries carefully chose their alliesduring the war. Courtiers like the USA and Britain had to join thewar because of the need to protect and expand their economy.

Effectsof WWII

Asa global war, WWII impacted on the international community indifferent ways. First, WWII led to sufferings in the society. Verymany people were wounded as a result of the war. At the same time,numerous deaths occurred to the combatants, non-combatants, and thecivilians. Just like any other war, WWII involved the use ofdangerous weapons that caused a massive loss to the people. At thesame time, the war led to diseases like dysentery which claimed a lotof lives. All these had to happen because of poor hygienicconditions, lack of adequate food supplies, and poor health careservices especially to the servicemen. Apart from the loss of lives,WWII contributed to the destruction of many properties. This occurredin different parts of Asia and Europe in which weapons like bombswere used to destroy enemy targets.

Onthe other hand, WWII positively impacted the society in differentways. Although the losers had nothing to celebrate, the winningAllied forces benefited a great deal. For example, the USA which wasinitially reluctant to join the war emerged as the greatestbeneficiary. Politically, the USA emerged to be the world’sgreatest superpower. This was a big privilege that has made thecountry to be a powerful force up to the present times (Wright,2007). Economically, the country gained a lot from the war. First ofall, the country did not suffer economic loss because no propertieswere destroyed. No war was fought within its borders. Nevertheless,USA used the war to strengthen its economy in different ways. Forexample, the USA supplied its allies with weapons, oil, and steel. Atthe same time, it got control over numerous resources like gold. Thediscussion implies that if it were not for the WWII, USA would nothave become the world superpower. This is why majority of theveterans, are proud of their contributions to the successes of WWII.


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