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AccordingKeene (450)World War 2 alone led to the death of over seventy million people thefigure being inclusive of people who died in the battle field andothers who died as a result of diseases and other war relatedfactors. Geoffrey(1242) explains that there were over thirty eight million deaths inWorld War 1 making an approximate total of around 108 million deathsin both wars. The figure explains that there was a lot of violence.Accordingto research World War 2 was just a continuation of the First WorldWar. He asserts that as a result of World War 1 the Ottoman Empirecommitted two genocides, the Russians killed over two hundredthousand Jewish people all these atrocities are viewed as the buildup to World War 2. Further, World War 1 led to the second war due tothe Versailles treaty. As history records World War 1 did not solveany problems it only added to the problems that existed then.

WorldWar 2 did not solve any problem as a matter of fact it caused moreproblems not only for the warring countries but for the world. Therewere better and more efficient ways through which the problems thatled to World War 2 would have been solved other than going for warthat cost millions of lives. Citing the damages that were done inWorld War 1 &amp 2, communities around the World can learn thatviolence is not a solution to any problem. Violence has never solveda problem historically thus will never solve any in future

Theemergence of the ISIS, Al Qaeda, Boko haram and Al Shabaab is a clearindication that it is time that the society takes seriously theproblem of cultures that embrace violence ((Tomet al. 111).MartinLuther King Jnr was right in his assertion that violence only breedsviolence. That can be seen in the instance of World War 1 that led tothe Second World War and the Cold War. In a nutshell, war has neveroffered any solution to a problem it only leads to more problems. Theearlier the society embraces that truth the better for all of us.


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