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WhatI consider the primary factor to determine the best or an attractiveprofession is the working environment and certain benefits attachedand that is a certainty to the workers is guaranteed. These rangefrom allowances, insurance cover, job security, retirement benefitsand so forth. I have found myself in some jobs, some in which I havealways felt a sense of passion, gauging from my enthusiasm anddetermination while some, just for the sake of my daily bread. Allthese encounters have had challenges, ups and downs with regards toset targets, pressure and of course adaptability especially for beinga fresher in that particular field and right from training or notraining at all.

Thereis this job I once found myself in it was a time when I was in direneed of financial breakthrough to pay my daily bills and to catch upwith the lifestyle that matters to many. The longing to stay awayfrom the stress that engulfs many in the recent times. I had justlost one job after a severe financial crisis hit a particularmanufacturing company I was working. A significant number of casuallabourers were laid off, and I was part of this. So I brother lucknever smiled at me, leaving me penniless and hopeless. My new job waswith a telecommunication firm which was a new entrant, thoughwell-performing with many tenders to its credit and good reputation.This translated into high incomes and higher profits for the company.This made the pioneer employees enjoy lots of privileges andconsequentially earning a lot of cash within a short period. A closefriend of mine that was part of this team invited me over, andwithout delay, I hurriedly joined the workforce. It never occurred tomy mind the ease with which recruitment exercise was so easy, due tothe employees not having to face an interview panel. That was themistake I found myself making without knowing thinking of futurerepercussions. I was blindfolded by my financial needs that weighedme down. Unfortunately, it did not take long before the managementlaid stringent regulations with the aim of flushing out certainpeople in what was claimed to be regular upgrading exercise wherebythose who were not in full job attire. This was after it emerged thatsome group leaders were defrauding the company using the names ofnon-existent workers. Perhaps it was discovered that this made thecompany lose a lot of money in the process and this had to becontained. The most appropriate step to be taken was to scrap outsome privileges enjoyed by workers such as overtime payments,commuter allowance, lunch provision and accommodation expenses indistant locations. The human resource manager, a teenagecollege-going lady, took it upon herself to implement that. That waswhen it dawned on us that all was not well. Rules were furthertightened, and some fundamental rights of the employees were beinginfringed. Such was a disregard of employees miserable workingenvironment as well as non-commitment in safeguarding the lives ofworkers in risky situations. Casual labourers were treated withcontempt and the relationship between the management and theworkforce worsened. This forced me to quit after working for a veryshort time because I could not contend with such social injusticeslevelled against me.

Fromthe above incident, I came to understand the significance of properunderstanding of the employment environment, terms and all issuessurrounding the potential job. One also needs to understand theirrights, their worth and the value that is within them so that underno circumstance should one feel lesser or of less value to the pointof being so desperate in job searching. The result of this is massiveexploitation for one`s detriment.