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Writing Assignment 3

WritingAssignment 3

WritingAssignment 3

Theme:Women brought about various changes while influencing societies inthe colonial Latin America

Thecolonial era in Latin America had three classes of women. A class isa status given to an individual based on various factors includingeducational level, wealth, and race among others. These three classesof women include the Mulata, the elite, and the Indian woman.Fundamentally, there was a significant variation of conditions forthese women in relation to wealth, access to culture, overall socialgroup and more importantly their power. Ultimately, women broughtabout various changes while influencing societies in the colonialLatin America(http://www.oxfordbibliographies.com/view/document/obo-9780199766581/obo-9780199766581-0037.xml).

Thehistory of women in Latin America during the colonial period has beenan exciting and productive field since mid-1970’s(http://www.webconnections.com/mes5th/colonialwomen_b4.htm). Althoughtheir contribution to the development of Latin America has beenoverlooked, Women played a significant role in development. Forinstance, the family set up has always been a critical aspect ofLatin America. During this period, women played an important part inthe maintenance and the organizations of the family traditions andlife (https://jakesklar.voices.wooster.edu/).

Politicalactivism was also a critical aspect that brought about variouschanges while influencing societies in the colonial Latin America(http://www.let.rug.nl/usa/outlines/history-1954/the-colonial-period.php).During the nineteenth century, women participated in numerous battlesto get hold of their voting rights, and some Latin American nationsgranted women their right to vote. Since then, a considerable numberof women run for political offices throughout Latin America.Ultimately, women saw their political activism as an extension oftheir family duties, and they could not see any contradictions intheir roles.

Womenbrought about various changes while influencing societies in theColonial Latin America. Women roles in the Political arena had amajor role in the eradication of female chauvinism. During, thecolonial period, the role was women were meant to be mainly familyissues .In addition, their development in the family set up acted apoverty eradication program(https://www.csustan.edu/sites/default/files/groups/University%20Honors%20Program/Journals/transforminggenderrolesinthecolonialandesareeves.pdf). Ultimately, their developmental was noticeable in all aspects duringthis period.