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INTRODUCTIONPurpose of the study

Thestudy will mainly focus on the factors that make yahoo to perform sobadly when compared to other companies.

Inthe previous years, yahoo was the company that almost each and everyindividual used as their search engine. This has been seen to changeover the past few years due to the emergence of other companies thathave come up with a better interface and search engines for theirclients (Angel, 2002). With these better and upgraded search enginesthat are offered by the competing firm, a lot of internet users haveshifted from using yahoo as their default search engine and migratedto search engines like google and ask. It was in the early 2000s wasit discovered that yahoo was somehow falling behind other searchengines. It is now a fact that only twenty percent of internet usersare using yahoo as their default search engine. Now, there is thatfeeling among internet users that there are other search engines onthe internet that produce better search results than yahoo. With theidea that yahoo is not the best search engine on the internet, peopleare moving away to these other search engines that are coming up.Because of these beliefs that are disadvantaging yahoo, there is agreat need to look for ways of making people start believing thatyahoo is the best search engine on the whole internet. Furthermore,it is of great importance to look for ways to improve the efficiencyof yahoo as a search engine.

Scope and Limitation

Thereport presented will try and identify some three problems that arefaced by yahoo so as to determine why they are doing badly. Some ofthese problems are the limited security that is being offered intheir webmail, the stack ranking that they introduce to monitor theirworkers and the embedded apps that pop up every time one uses yahooas their search engine. Also, the paper will cover how the topmanagement of yahoo is carrying out their day to day activities inthe company that makes this company continue doing even poorer. Thereport will not cover the financial constraints that are currentlybeing witnessed by yahoo as a company.


Themajor setback that yahoo is experience is the fact that the companyis still stuck in the era of tech generalization, a revolution thatwas abandoned a long time ago. Companies that are in the samebusiness as yahoo are currently using the approach of specializing ina particular area so as to meet their customer requirements and atthe same time maximize their profits. For example, currently, yahoois lagging behind google in the search engine sector as per the datacollected regarding search engines (Angel, 2002). Again, yahoo hasalso lost clients and customer to Facebook in the field of socialnetworking because of their generalization approach. The traffic thatyahoo is experiencing is very high volume, now the problem is thatyahoo is doing nothing with the traffic that they are experiencing asit is not being monetized effectively. With yahoos’ poormonetization procedures, Facebook and Google are eclipsing yahoo in atremendous way as they are the ones that are now scooping the topspot when it comes to online advertising (Ronalds, 2010). With thecurrent pace that these other companies are scooping the marketshare, in the next three-year, the yahoos market share will havedropped to a possible 13% (Ronalds, 2010).

Interms of webmail, yahoo as a company is very sluggish to address thecomplaints and concerns that their clients are facing. For example,yahoo takes a minimum of five working days to sort a client whocannot be in a position to remember or recover his or her emailpassword, while a company like a google can sort such a matter in amatter of two days.

Anotherreason that has contributed to the decline in performance of yahoo asa company is the shambolic management team that is leading the firm.The management has employed stack performs in accessing theiremployees, a technique that is barely bearing fruits. The employees’performers are not being reflected properly as the technique has alot of limitations and this greatly diminishes the moral of theemployees.

Theseproblems that are being experienced by yahoo can be solved bybringing in a term of managers that are dedicated and have clearobjectives and plans on how to resort the former image of yahoo

Sources of information

Thisresearch gives special attention to identifying the things that havemade internet users shift from yahoo. This makes that data collectedfrom the internet to be the perfect sample in obtaining data for thisresearch. With the main focus been as to why yahoo is doing badly,the research will look at the thinks that have been put in place bythe developers of the other search engines that makes internet usersmigrate to the other search engines (Angel, 2002). The best samplegroup to be used in this research are college students that are intheir final year. Students in their final year will be the best asthey are the ones that are using these search engines when lookingfor information about the project that they are doing. Again, thedata collected from these finalists will be non-bias as they are theperfect sample group.

Definitions of terms

Searchengines are special software developed and embedded on the internetthat optimizes the search result when one is looking for a giveninformation on the World Wide Web

Internetusers are those individuals that are using any of the services thatare offered on the internet. The services can come in the form ofinformation or communication.

Defaultsearch engine is now that specific software developed by a particularcompany that helps in getting information from the web.

Biasis the tendency of showing favor to something.

Limitation of theresearch

Althoughstudents that are in their final year are the ones that have beenused as the sample group, the results obtained may be biased as thisdata is not sufficient. Again, the data does not perfectly representall the internet users.

Withthe limited amount of time that was there for the research to beconcluded, the data collected will not be able to give a perfectprojection of the way yahoo will be performing in the near future.


Forthe report to be completed, there are those critical topics that mustbe covered to make it patterned. Some of these topics will include.

Originof yahoo

Uprisingof yahoo

Problemsthat cause yahoo to perform badly

Thingsthat should be done to return yahoo to its former glories


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