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Youths Involvement in Development Names

YouthsInvolvement in Development



YouthsInvolvement in Development

Theyouth comprise of the greatest generation in a community. They definethe circumstance of the community in the future lineage. For betterforthcoming of society, youths must have a successful life in thepresent (Otten et al. 2015). Youth play a very significant role incommunity development. Involving the young people in community growthis the best strategy to ensure a great future. For the young peopleto be duly mentored on how to develop the community they should beincorporated in it. There are many ways of involving the youths incommunity improvement. By setting programs that the young people canundertake to make them feel part of the community brings the closerto the community (Otten et al. 2015).

Thebest way to take in the teens in community development is by usingthe formal way. The youth are the cream of the crop of the future andshould get a chance to be a part of present leadership. These shouldoccur through providing them with leadership positions and recruitingthem in the advisory committee. Additionally, they should be involvedin the decision-making process. When youth are given a chance to bepart of the governing sector the knowledge is passed down to them,and this assures for a better future. Although this is not the onlyway the youth can be involved in community development, I feel it maybe the best. Yong people are more creative and should be given achance to participate in projects that enable them to respond to theway they meet interests and needs.

Whengood strategies are in place success is inevitable. Encouraging theyoung people to take an interest in leadership and decision-makingprocess increases their chance of being absorbed. Incentives may helpthe youth to participate in problem-solving in the community. Bygiving financial incentives to the teen who participates in solutionsearching forums attract others to join end give morale to theprevailing. Rules and regulations which allow and enforce on youthsbeing acquired in decision making must be implemented for easiercoexistence (Otten et al. 2015). The primary challenge about the ideais the rejection from the elders. The old people always feel thatleadership must always belong to them. When both the youth and theelders are given a chance to sit and make a decision, the bestresults should always be expected (Otten et al. 2015).

Inconclusion, without the youth in our society, its fragile andvulnerable to experience glitches. Most of the manual jobs in ourenvironment require young and energetic strength to be carried out.The youth are the most reliable source of these skills. The teensalso possess the power of the mind because they are very creativethus when involved in decision-making they come up with the perfectsolution. Youth for the best community development, the involvementof the minorities in governance is the best method to ensure theyouths are also a part of the community (Otten et al. 2015).


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